Chrono Cross

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  • Chrono Cross

    So hier das absolute Mega Rollenspiel für psx
    das spiel hat viele verschiedene Enden
    hier ist aufgelistet was ihr dafür tun müsst.

    Like it's predecessor, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross has many an ending.
    The endings are gotten quite like they are in Chrono Trigger, as well
    (Passing the game before you're supposed to). You can do this on a New
    Game+, when Serge wakes up after the first dungeon, he'll get the Time
    Egg, which allows you to fight the last boss. If you've played Chrono
    Trigger thoroughly, you'll know that this opens up some pretty strange
    possibilities. So, without further ado, the endings.

    1. Credits- This will probably be the ending that everyone gets first
    and will be very angry about. You can get this ending by killing the
    last boss right at the end of the game, when you're supposed to.
    However, you're not supposed to KILL the last boss, so you get a very
    bad ending. Immediately, the credits roll with the end theme,
    "Radical Dreamers," and with some pieced together full motion video
    of various in-game happenings and a little bit of Sarah (I think
    that what's shown varies as to which events you accomplished during
    the game). Very disappointing.

    2. Save Sarah- This is the "real" ending. It's not exactly hard to do, just
    really annoying. What you have to do is use the Chrono Cross properly (if
    you can read a little kana, you probably read the characters talking
    about the Chrono Cross's "melody" and "harmony" toward the end of the
    game (that's what those little spheres that appear are)). This is done
    by using a string of elements without being disrupted. You must use the
    elements in this order: yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, and
    finally you must use the Chrono Cross. I've read on message boards that a
    lot of people can't get this to work. I think I've devised a method that
    can accomplish it pretty easily. First of all, equip everyone with at least
    one element of every color. Then, once you get into battle get everyone
    up to level 8 elemental power and maximum stamina. Now, I noticed that
    the last boss will use a certain color of element depending on where you
    are in the string, and it's never the right one, except for one time. Use
    the yellow and red elements, then get your characters back up to level 8 and
    max. stamina, and wait for it to use an element. It should be a yellow. Now
    all you have to do is cast the red, green, blue, black, white, and Chrono
    Cross elements. It's still very difficult from there on, but you should
    be able to barely do it if you keep balancing everyone's stamina. Once
    you accomplish this Sarah talks to you for a while, then it shows the
    credits as in Ending #1. Then it shows an FMV of that book you saw in
    the intro of the game, an FMV of Sarah at the beach, and then "fin"
    shows up at the bottom of the screen. Congratulations, you have
    passed Chrono Cross properly.

    3. Kid's the Queen- In order to get this ending, you have to pass the
    game at the beginning AFTER you get Poshul (If you pass it solo,
    you get a better ending). The ending shows Serge staying in Aruni
    with Lena. Kid sees this, and goes to Yamaneko's mansion by herself.
    She beats up Yamaneko, gets the Frozen Flame, and then makes a wish.
    A sequence is then shown of Kid being the leader of that mansion, and
    then shouting something about Guardia, and being chased away by

    4. The Silly Ending- This ending is accomplished by passing the game
    right before you go to the Dragon Tower. It shows Serge working at
    Lisa's market, with some antics between Lena, Kid, Korcha, and
    Mamacha. It then shows the portion of the Dragon Tower during the
    demo and right at the beginning of the game, in the same way,
    except that the three people in the tower are Pierre, Sugar, and
    Salton (The first person might vary depending on which path you take,
    I took Alf's path), and there is some more comic relief.

    5. Serge and Tukuyomi- This ending is very disturbing to me. It's
    gotten by passing the game as Yamaneko, with Tukuyomi. It shows
    Serge (still in cat form) living with Tukuyomi in the liberated
    Mabuure, with everyone being nice to them. Then it shows Radius,
    Farga, and Zappa going to fight Yamaneko (as Serge) and Kid.

    6. Evil Wins- This is a nice one. Pass the game as Yamaneko
    without Tukuyomi to ge this one. First it shows Kid and Evil
    Serge going to Chronopolis. Kid decides to wait at the entrance.
    Tukuyomi shows up, and battle ensues. It then cuts to a sequence
    where the save point in Radius's house turns black. It then shows
    Evil Serge delivering the Frozen Flame to Fate.