Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

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  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

    Hier ist aufgelistet was die Charaktere im Spiel mögen und was sie verabscheuen haltet euch dran und ihr werdet bald viele Freunde haben.

    Characters and their likes/dislikes and Birthdays

    a. The Guys

    1. Rick (Fall 22)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine, Bodigizer
    Hates: Sweet Potatoes

    2. Barley (Spring 17)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Rice balls
    Hates: wine, Cheese

    3. Saibara (Spring 11)
    Likes: Any ore (except junk ore i think...), Bamboo shoots
    Hates: bread

    4. Jeff (Winter 29)
    Likes: Apples, Bamboo Shoots, Flowers
    Hates: Wine, ore

    5. Duke (Winter 15)
    Likes: Wine
    Hates: Curry, ore

    6. Gray (Winter 6)
    Likes: Ore (like Saibara)
    Hates: Green Peppers

    7. Doctor (Fall 17)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine
    Hates: Ore

    8. Pastor Carter (Fall 20)
    Likes: Most crops (I gave him some and he was happy, haven't tried
    others yet...), wine
    Hates: All grasses

    9. Basil (Summer 11)
    Likes: flowers, mushrooms
    Hates: ore, fish

    10. Won (Winter 19)
    Likes: fish
    Hates: still looking for it...

    11. Gotz (Fall 2)
    Likes: Oil
    Hates: still looking for it...

    12. Greg (Spring 29)
    Likes: Big fish
    Hates: oil

    13. Kai (Summer 22)
    Likes: Bread, Flour
    Hates: Bamboo Shoots

    14. Doug (Winter 11)
    Likes: Wine, Bamboo Shoots
    Hates: ore

    15. Cliff (Spring 6)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs
    Hates: ore, bodigizer

    16. Zack (Summer 29)
    Likes: Big Fish
    Hates: Flour

    17. Louis (Spring 2)
    Likes: Honey
    Hates: oil, flour

    18. Thomas (Summer 25)
    Likes: wine, Spa-boiled eggs
    Hates: ore

    19. Kano (Winter 2)
    Likes: Wine
    Hates: still looking for it...

    20. Harris (Summer 4)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, wine
    Hates: ore

    21. The Harvest Sprites (Not sure if their male...)
    Likes: Flour
    Hates: not sure, but when I gave them weeds, they had some ! and some ?
    in the dialogue box. Somebody tell me if it's good or bad.

    22. Stu (Fall 5)
    Likes: wild grapes
    Hates: carrots


    b. The Girls

    1. Popuri (Summer 3)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, flowers, cake
    Hates: ore(i think...)

    2. Lillia (Spring 19)
    Likes: bodigizer
    Hates: wine

    3. May (Winter 26)
    Likes: fished-out-trash (really!)
    Hates: Spa-boiled eggs

    4. Sasha (Spring 30)
    Likes: Chocolate
    Hates: eggs

    5. Manna (Fall 11)
    Likes: honey
    Hates: ore

    6. Anna (Fall 23)
    Likes: Flowers, cookies
    Hates: Spa-boiled eggs

    7. Karen (Fall 15)
    Likes: wine, Moon Drop Flower, truffles
    Hates: the other flowers

    8. Mary (Winter 20)
    Likes: Mushroom (poisonus one also), grasses, flowers
    Hates: still looking for it...

    9. Elli (Spring 16)
    Likes: all flowers
    Hates: ore

    10. Ellen (Winter 13)
    Likes: Wool, apples, Spa-boiled eggs
    Hates: ore

    11. Ann (Summer 17)
    Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Bamboo shoots, flowers
    Hates: ore