GTA3 is Released

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  • GTA3 is Released


    Ich suche schonmal das Game!!!!! Ist endlich released wurden!!! weiss ich bin zwar was früh, aber wenn jemand das Game besorgen kann dann uped es bitte.


    ÚÄÄÄÄ In Their 15th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released ÄÄÄÄ¿

    ÚÙ Grand Theft Auto III (c) Rockstar ÚÙ

    : Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT : : Release Date: 5/12/2002 :
    ³ Cracked by: ³ ³ Game Type: Crime Sim ³
    ³ Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT ³ ³ Image Format: BIN/CUE ³
    ³ CDS: 1 ³ ³ Protection: Safe Disk ³
    ³ CD1 archives: 51 x 15 MB ³ ³ CD1: flt-gta3.001 ³
    ³ ³ ³ ³
    ³ System Requirements: P3 500, 128 Mb RAM, Win 9x/2k/XP , Direct X 8.0a+,
    i 500 Mb HDD, 3D Card ³


    Game information :

    Grand Theft Auto 3 does not fit into any set genre, and it is said that it
    occupies a genre of its own. The plot centres on the main character who was
    left to take the blame while his girlfriend and partner-in-crime take off
    with the goods from a bank robbery. Luckily a Japanese gang called the Yakuza
    are interested in an old fellow in your prison-truck. With this you are freed
    and taken to explore Liberty City and meet the ruthless, notorious gangs of
    Liberty City.

    Key Features:

    - Grand Theft Auto 3 is a very interactive game, throughout you will
    encounter different sorts of missions and gangs. Weather elements
    have also been included in the game, fog and rain will kick in at
    times of the day.

    - Of course the main theme of the game is theft of cars. The game
    features round-about 50 autos, all of which have 4-5 variations.
    Do the math yourself, but whichever way you do it, there are a lot of
    autos for you to test and toy with!

    - GTA3 features a real-time clock which is mostly used for missions.
    Some missions or vehicles can only be found or used at certain times
    of the day. 30 minutes represents 24 hours in liberty city.

    - Liberty City is divided into three distinct areas which will open up
    to you as you play; Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.

    - The biggest asset is radio stations. That's right, while cruising in
    your new-found car you can tune in to many hilarious talk shows or
    funky groove stations.

    - The game leaves about a dozen weapons at your disposal. All these weapon
    aren't guns either, baseball bats and melee combat is openly encouraged
    in this game. You can punch and kick the law enforcement and anyone else
    who happens to stand in your way.

    - The FBI and Swat team won't be generous no more and will use helicopters
    along with snipers to take you down. At the end of the game you will also
    be able to say your last words as the army tanks take you down, but don't
    expect much of that!

    - The prosperity of the citizens also varies greatly from area to area.
    You won't expect to find fast cars and rich suburban villas in Portland,
    but surely in Shoreside Vale. The architecture of the city and artificial
    intelligence (AI) will also change from area to area. Staunton Island
    has tall sky-scrapers, common to a commercial district.

    /Team FairLight

    If ever asked for a serial, use xxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd don't forget to copy .exe from Crack dir

    Greetings to our friends in groups such as:



    Also nochmal an alle die sich damit auskennen, bitte besorgt das GAME. BITTE

    cu, Skyfly002
  • Niemand kann das Original Game, aus den Läden haben!!!

    Alle Geschäfte kriegen das Game am 19Mai2002, also heute!!! und sie dürfen es erst in größen Teilen Amerikas am 21Mai2002 verkaufen!!! in Großbritanien am 24Mai2002 sowie in Deutschland!!!

    Cu TheMillenium
  • Bei mir geht auch noch nix, ein paar ganz kleine Stellen mit zartblau. :(

    Naja, einfach ne Weile laufen lassen, das wird schon werden. Das Servergehoppe bringt ja eh nix, nur dass man sich wieder hinten anstellen darf.
  • yep, aber das haben wohl noch nicht alle begriffen :D

    cd1 ist mittlerweile sehr gut verbreitet und der dl geht auch recht flott, aber mit der grossen cd2 sieht es noch nicht so gut aus

    wird wohl erst morgen / übermorgen so gut verbreitet sein, dass man es schnell laden kann, ich kann jedenfalls keinen finden, der cd2 komplett hat :(