Neue Nero-Updates erschienen!

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  • Neue Nero-Updates erschienen!

    Moin Boarders,

    wollte Euch nur mitteilen, dass neue Updates für Nero auf deren Homepage vorhanden sind!

    Viel Spaß beim Updaten ;)

    Gruß an alle Boarders von

  • Thx 4 Info.

    Hier sind die Changelogs:

    Changes in Nero Burning ROM

    (Changes from Package #1, Version ⇒

    Release Date: June 7, 2005
    New Features
    Added support of layer jump recording for DVD-R DL
    Other Changes/Bugfixes
    Writing a UDF/ISO bridge compilation with enabled multisession option could fail with an error
    Transcoding of some *.wav files to Ogg Vorbis crashed Nero in some cases
    Quick erase of a blank media could end with an error message on specific hardware
    An inserted background image for a LightScribe label appeared to be very jagged if the DPI setting was selected to automatic
    Nero now always uses UDF 1.02 as default for DVD DL media if BAO or multisession are written
    Improved usability for DVD-Video compilation. Now the VIDEO_TS folder is opened per default so a drag and drop action will add the files to the correct folder

    Changes in NeroVision Express

    (Changes from Package #2, Version ⇒

    Release Date: June 7, 2005
    Other Changes/Bugfixes
    Added MPEG2 files were recognized as audio tracks in Edit-mode for a VCD project
    Audio encoded to Dolby© Digital 5.1 could have jumps/sync issues in some rare cases
    Fixed wrong calculated disc space for DVD+R DL media
    Continuing and finalizing of an unfinalized DVD-VFR on a DVD-R disc could lead to an application crash
    Exporting to MPEG1 was creating a damaged file
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