Arctic Thunder

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  • Arctic Thunder

    All Boosts Mode - Y, Schwarzen Button, Schwarzen Button, Y, R, Start
    All Atomic Snowballs - X,X,X,Weissen Button,Y, Start
    Grappling Hooks - Y,Y,L,Y,Y,Weissen Button, Start
    Invisible - X, Y, X, R, Y, Y, Start
    Random Locations - Schwarzen Button, R, X, Y, Schwarzen Button, R, Start
    Rooster Tails - Schwarzen Button, R, L, Weissen Button, X, Start
    Snow Bombs - Y,Y, Schwarzen Button, R, Start
    Clone Mode - Weissen Button, L, L, Y, Weissen Button, Y, Start
    Kein Catch Up Mode - Y,X,Y,Y,X,Start
    Keine Drones Mode - X,X,Y,Y,weissen Button, schwarzen Button, start
    Super Wheelie Mode - Y, Weissen Button, X, R, X, L, Start