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  • Wollt ihr Ad-aware SE Enterprise 2005

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    You have invested time and resources to secure your company's IT investment by installing recommended Email filters, firewalls, and Antivirus solutions. You have tested and retested your policies and security only to find that you are still suffering from network slowdowns, loss of information and productivity, worker frustration, intrusive and unwanted advertising, system instability issues, and a plethora of additional issues that is keeping your IT department running at full speed. Why is this happening? The simple answer is that traditional security solutions and thinking can not deal adequately with the complexities of ad/spyware. Current studies indicate that the majority of systems on corporate networks are infected with some form of ad/spyware and further that it is becoming a major security action point for system administrators.

    Put your trust in the company that started the industry and has consistently led with innovation and rock-solid dependability from the very beginning. We have the experience and proven track record to help you secure your network and to protect one of your most important investments.

    Lavasofts Ad-Aware SE Enterprise Edition 2005

    With the release of the Ad-Aware Enterprise Edition, the IT administrator now has the possibility to centrally control network distributions of Ad-Aware through the Ad-Axis Management Console.

    The Ad-Axis Management Console works as centralized management of Ad-Aware execution including scheduled execution on corporate network clients. It automatically reports of server status and Malware detection to Internet Mail (SMTP). Ad-Aware reference files are centrally updated, which keeps Internet traffic low and in addition makes reference file updating of your clients simple and secure. The server and client run as Windows® services and therefore user interaction is neither necessary nor possible.


    The Ad-Aware Management Console Ad-Axis allows the IT Administrator to:

    View all registered and active clients
    View which machines are executing Ad-Aware
    Monitor the reference file version on the clients
    Monitor the Malware detection logs from previous Ad-Aware executions
    Monitor the server status
    Ad-Axis provides you with easy deployment and updating of clients through .msi files (e.g. with Group Policies or Microsoft SMS) and low bandwidth consumption for client-server connections.

    System Requirements

    The management console runs on Windows® NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 and XP versions of Windows®. System requirements for the client include any client hardware that can run Windows® and Ad-Aware sufficiently. The server needs to have 200 MB of free disk space, Internet connection and mail server (SMTP) access.

    Der Download wiegt 14 MB!