PHXISO is dead!

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  • PHXISO is dead!

    Hi dort!

    Habe eben ein .nfo file gefunden in dem der letzte release der phoenix iso group angekündigt wurde.... anscheinend wird es für etablierte groups dann doch zu heiss uns mit frischen releases zu versorgen... aber lest selbst...

    ███ RELEASE NOTES: ███
    ▓░░ ░░▓
    ▓░ Short and to the point. ░▓
    ▓ ▓
    ▓ This is by far the hardest nfo to write to date 1999-2005. ▓
    ▀ PHXiSO has been here like our best friend, and addiction for ▀
    ▀ far to many of these FBI bullshit shakedowns..For fucks sake as ▀
    if George Lucas, or Autodesk needs more money? Get fucked you
    ▀ know yer doing this so they pad your pockets you fucken cunts! ▀
    ANYWAY we have seen to many good groups come and go. And for us
    its time to pull the plug. To the haters Fuck you. To the people
    who have helped us We have much love and respect for you.

    A simple goodbye, and be safe from your friends at PHXiSO..

    Now on a personal note to my BROTHERS in PHX, All I can
    personally say is thank you, and I hope you had as much fun as I
    did. There was NEVER, and will NEVER be a better group of people
    to work with. You will be in my thoughts and reflections. Just
    remember the times and dun forget we will meet again!