Wg311 und pc freezed -solution-

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  • Wg311 und pc freezed -solution-

    für alle, die das bekannte problem haben, hier mal ne lösung.
    die funzte bei mir:

    This problem stumped me for months and I was getting nowhere, but now my computer has been stable for ages and I can keep my machine on for weeks on end.

    I cannot guarantee this will work for you, but it's worth a try.

    First of all you must NOT install SP1. For some reason one of the updates causes you to go back to the original freezing problem, so just stick with regular XP (obviously you will need a good AV and firewall to make sure you're not a target for any exploits - or just use Firefox instead of IE ). I'm also now assuming that you've uninstalled your WG311 and drivers, or are starting from scratch.

    Next, update the Via 4-in-1 drivers to the latest version:

    Now (this is the crucial bit I think), you need to download the 'PCI Latency patch for VIA chipsets' from here (beta version 0.20 is ok):
    direct link: georgebreese.com/net/software/…=vlatency_v020_beta21.exe

    OK, now you must install the latest (1.3) drivers from the Netgear site:

    Right, I also left it configured so Windows controls my wireless connection as opposed to the Netgear utility. With a bit of luck this should work for at least some of you, I can't believe I wasted 6-7 months of annoying random freeze-ups, but everything is fine now.

    Really hope this helps...

    Edit: eins noch, falls ihr eine creative labs soundkarte habt, kann es immernoch zu abstürzen führen, also diese ausbauen und onboardsoundkarte benutzen oder andere soundkarte kaufen...traurig aber so ist es leider :(