--[Winamp TV Plugin 1.9 beta 9]--

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  • --[Winamp TV Plugin 1.9 beta 9]--

    Winamp TV Plugin 1.9 beta 9

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    Winamp TV is a plugin for Winamp that lets you control
    your TV tuner card from within the multimedia player.
    TV and FM radio channels are saved a s small files which
    can be enqueued in a playlist, added to the music library or just played one by one.
    To change a channel, you only have to change the track in Winamp:
    so you can arrange the channels any way you like, you can have Winamp or a general purpose plugin randomize them for you, or make different playlists with e.g. preferred selections of channels for the morning or evening.
    Every channel has its own settings for the video adjustments,
    the TV system used, stereo/SAP audio and volume. The plugin lets you run the sound of the TV or radio stations through Winamp's equalizer,
    DSP and output plugin. You can use this to get better sound,
    or to correct problems with a channel (using the automatic equalizer settings).
    The video can be output in a separate window with captioned
    or thin frame, or just attached to Winamp's video window.
    The plugin can also use the Video Mixing Renderers which
    avoids the problems associated with overlays
    (i.e. problems in multi-monitor setups and multiple applications trying to display video), and lets you select different de-interlace options, or use the comprehensive on-screen menus.

    Version 1.9, which is in beta stage now, offers recording and
    initial support for digital cards. Some features are not working yet, see the readme file for details. Version 1.9beta7 has new OSD configuration in addition to the new audio code and configuration from 1.9beta6, which also lets you record without the requirement to capture and route the audio through Winamp. The configuration dialogs have tool tips explaining the various options in 1.9beta8, and 1.9beta9 supports satellite tuners with BDA drivers.

    The lite versions are stripped-down versions of the betas that only support the stable features. They do not support digital tuners, recording, and sending the audio to Winamp.

    Download Winamp TV version 1.9lite9 (May 2, 2005)

    Latest beta version: 1.9beta9 (May 2, 2005)

    Readme file

    Compatibility information (please contribute)

    German: 1.7 (translated by Maximilian Kramer)

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  • Funk schrieb:

    Sry das ich eine dumme Frage stelle... kannst du mir erklären wozu das nützlich ist???

    ( Englisch ist leider nicht mein Ding!!!)


    Ist ein PlugIn für Winamp, dass es dir ermöglicht, TV zu schauen.

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