Formel 1 2005

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  • Formel 1 2005

    Unlock the secret circuit
    There is only one circuit to unlock in this game. It is a narrow street circuit in the US.
    Street Circuit Get all golds in Timed Test Session mode.

    Unlock the secret cars
    There are only four secret cars to unlock but unfortunately you cannot race against other cars while driving the unlockable cars.

    Lotus 79 Win a race in any mode (except online).
    Lotus 25 Get all silver times in Timed Test Session mode.
    Williams FW08 Get all bronze times in Timed Test Session mode.
    Williams FW11 Win a Drivers Championship in career mode.

    Unlock different helmets for career mode
    For every 30 points you earn in career mode, you will unlock a different helmet design to use. The last helmet is unlocked at 600 points.

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