Welches Backup tool?

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  • Welches Backup tool?

    Hallo, ich hab mal ne frage, welches Backuptool könnt ihr mir empfehlen, Acronis True Image o.ä? Ich will nur ein Backup erstellen auf meine 2te Partition erstellen und es ca. jedes monat erneuern, aber nur aktualiesieren nicht das ganze backup neu schreiben (inkrementelle Backups)!
    Damit Falls mal etwas passiert ich es immer zurückstellen kann!

    greez catalyst
  • zb: PowerQuest_V2i_Protector_v2.0.3.402_Desktop_Edition_MULTiLANGUAGE-PANTHEON

    ││ Release Info: ││
    ││ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ││
    ││ ││
    ││ V2i Protector Desktop Edition Overview: ││
    ││ ││
    ││ PowerQuest V2i Protector is a real-time disk-based system and storage ││
    ││ backup solution designed to capture and encapsulate all workstation files ││
    ││ and configurations in one easy-to-manage backup file. Utilizing ││
    ││ PowerQuestÆs Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology, backups are ││
    ││ created without interrupting user productivity or application usage. ││
    ││ Quickly restore failed systems to a specified point-in-time without ││
    ││ taking hours to manually rebuild PCs or laptops or reinstall applications ││
    ││ from scratch. Using PowerQuest V2i Protector, perform, a complete bare ││
    ││ metal system restoration, a full system refresh or restore individual ││
    ││ files and folders in as little as minutes. ││
    ││ ││
    ││ Protecting Your Companys Assets: ││
    ││ ││
    ││ After workstations are deployed into a production environment, they are ││
    ││ used by your employees to manage, create, modify or even delete critical ││
    ││ corporate information. All of this information becomes your companyÆs ││
    ││ assets and protecting should be your companyÆs #1 goal. V2i Protector ││
    ││ addresses todayÆs desktop and mobile laptop protection needs by providing ││
    ││ a non-intrusive method for backups as well as a rapid and painless ││
    ││ approach to recovery. ││
    ││ ││
    ││ features ││
    ││ ││
    ││ - Backup and protect Windows 2000 Professional and XP Professional ││
    ││ workstations. ││
    ││ - Capture periodic full or incremental backups of system and data storage ││
    ││ partitions. ││
    ││ - Create backups without interrupting user productivity, data access or ││
    ││ application usage. ││
    ││ - Encapsulates ALL files, configurations, drivers, and ││
    ││ systempersonalities in one easy to manage backup file. ││
    ││ - Recover crippled or bare metal systems in minutes. ││
    ││ - Quickly roll systems back to any incremental point-in-time backup. ││
    ││ - Mount backup image files as read-only drives which can be shared and ││
    ││ accessed by others for easy data access. ││
    ││ - Browse and recover files directly from any point in time backup image ││
    ││ file.
  • Hi,
    ein Super-Tool ist "Paragon DriveBackup 7.0 PE".
    Damit kannste auch Partitionen verändern.
    Das Tool war auf der CD (Pocket-Version für 1,99 Euro) vom PC-Magazin 7/2005.
    Nach Registrierung gibt es den Freischaltcode.
    Einfach Heft nachbestellen.

    Es lohnt sich :hot:

    Viel Spass
  • THX, mit Acronis habe ich schon Gute Erfahrungen gemacht, aber ich will dass das alles automatisch geht, wie bei Norton Ghost, ist das auch gut oder wie die Norton Internet Securtiy der größte shit?

    greez catalyst