Anonym mit GhostSurf 2005 Platinum

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  • Anonym mit GhostSurf 2005 Platinum

    The Internet can be a dangerous place. Web sites and hackers are trying to steal your identity. Spyware is installed on your computer without your knowledge, and is reporting personal information about you. Your screen is constantly bombarded by pop-up, banner, and Flash advertisements. Everything you do and download online can be watched.

    Antivirus and firewall programs don't protect you from these threats. GhostSurf Platinum is the solution.

    GhostSurf Platinum provides a secure, anonymous connection and spyware defense needed for a clean and productive Internet experience.

    Hier ist ein Zitat aus Computerbild 19/2005
    Der Hersteller garantiert per eidesstattlicher Versicherung,daß keiner der verwendeten Proxys Daten protokolliert.

    Zudem erhielt das Programm die Bewertung "gut"