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  • Hilfe E-mail Bomber

    Ich bekomme seit 3 Tagen jetzt schon diese mege Schrott Meil scheiße.
    30 Mails sind es bestimmt am Tag zu zwar meisten dasselbe bloß halt von verschiedenen Absendern. Immer dreht sich der grampf um

    Savvy Investors Find Hidden Gems

    New York- Investors are right now making millions of dollars just by backing the right ideas You're about to discover how to identify elusive breakthroughs in the modern haystack. Grab a pen abd piece of paper.

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    A few years later, your neighbor explodes onto the mainstream. So does your hometown, now called "Silicon Valley." By then your neighbor goes by an Americanized name -- Andy Grove -- and his company, now called Intel, has made you one of the wealthiest men in the country. Is it possible to find the next Andy Grove?

    Sept 2005- - In the United States, nearly seven million cargo containers each year enter the nation's seaports onboard ships from numerous foreign ports and countries of origin. Traditional container seals provide evidence of unauthorized entry only when they are physically inspected, which may not occur until the container arrives at its final destination. Radio frequency identification tags, or RFID tags (sometimes called 'smart tags'), offer shippers, freight recipients and the ports handling the containers significant security advantages. In addition to improving security of shipments, there are other significant benefits to RFID implementation. Theft, counterfeit products and damage to goods are always risks that manufacturers face when products are transported. One company specializing in RFID technology is 2-Track Global Inc (OTCBB:TOTG - News)

    Smart Tags, Smart Investments?

    2-Track Global Inc (OTCBB:TOTG - News)
    Corporate Profile:

    Trading symbol: TOTG
    Current Price: $1.27
    Exchange: OTC Bulletin Board
    Shares Outstanding: 32,000,000
    Public Float: 4,200,000
    Rating : 10 out of 10

    Dollars and Sensors

    2-Track Global Inc (OTCBB -TOTG) is a technology development and marketing company which owns, operates and licenses proprietary telematics solutions combining hardware and software applications run over wireless or satellite networks to deliver remote security management of marine and cargo fleets (including consumer solutions aimed at the leisure, marine and domestic security markets) and commercial vehicle plant and machinery management and security. The company has communications architecture technology which provides global logistics solutions for the remote monitoring of freight containers over multiple transport mores. By combining these technologies in multiple logistic verticals, TOTG has earned our highest rating of 10 out of 10.

    Market Timing: The governments of 20 foreign ports, including most recently Thailand and China, have agreed to implement the Container Security Initiative (CSI), and the Smart and Secure Trade Lanes Initiative (SST) embracing RFID technology as a way to help ensure container security. “Timing Excellent”!

    Stock Forecast: TOTG is trading extremely low, apparently under the radar screen of most Wall Street investors and analysts. We believe this offers the astute investor a fantastic risk reward scenario in an under-bought market. We are therefore recommending TOTG up to the $3.20 target price range. - Accumulate Aggressively

    onetnews sends out public announcements providing information on selected companies. onetnews is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. This report is provided as an information service only and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. onetnews accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investor's reliance on or use of this announcement. An investment is considered to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of investment. onetnews has been compensated three thousand dollars for this report.

    Oder meisten um irgendwelche wohnungsscheiße oder so.
    Ich kann die e.mail's aber net abbestellen. Ich ahbe zwar schon zurückgeschrieben das ich sowas net habe will, aber ich bekomme immer nur eine rückmail vom mail deliveri Serive und da heißt es das die e-mail net zugestell werden konnte.
    Please help me.
    Thank's schon mal an alle.
  • Banschy schrieb:

    Ich ahbe zwar schon zurückgeschrieben das ich sowas net habe will, aber ich bekomme immer nur eine rückmail vom mail deliveri Serive und da heißt es das die e-mail net zugestell werden konnte.
    Please help me.
    Thank's schon mal an alle.

    Hallo Banschy!

    Genau das war Dein Fehler! Auf solchen Spam darfst Du NIEMALS antworten, und wenn es wäre, um ihn abzubestellen. Dann wissen die nämlich genau: Ah, willkommenes Opfer, macht alles auf!

    Sofort ungelesen in den Papierkorb damit!

  • moin!
    ich hab auch mal so einen schrott bekommen. bei den meisten mails kannst du dich austragen...ganz unten findest du meist einen link, wo du deine emailadresse eingeben musst, um die mail abzubestellen, und dann hört der müll auf(war zumindest bei mir so)
    mfg pHaRyNx
  • Abbestellen kann man Newsletter von meist seriösen Firmen, dass hier ist ganz normaler Spam, dagegen kann man gar nix machen, ausser ignorieren.

    Jeder, der sich etwas mit PHP auskennt, kann sich ein Script schreiben, mit dem man die Absenderadresse fälschen kann... Dann kommt halt dieser Mail delivery Kram zurück, weils die Adresse gar net gibbt.

    mfg golF
    Pilot's desaster - Stinger is faster