Universal Simlock Remover

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  • Universal Simlock Remover

    Kann auf Deutsch eingestellt werden.Handy aussuchen und Start drücken !!!Ist Freeware !!!


    17.07.2005 - version 1.1.0 released

    What`s new:
    1) Fixed some bugs in service module and new functionality added
    2) Added new languages (also full translations for old languages)
    2) New software added:

    Motorola V80, V220, E380, C450, C650 Unlocker
    Motorola V80, V220 Repair
    Panasonic GD35 and 95, Unlocker, Flasher
    SonyEricsson PBB include K500, K700
    Siemens SST 5.32

    added new docs:
    Siemens testpoint schemes
    Pinouts for mobile phones

    23.06.2005 - version 1.0.9 released

    What`s new:
    1) Fixed some bugs in service module and new functionality added
    2) Added many new languages (including translation of service module and receipts)
    3) New software added:

    Alcatel XG1, 320, 510
    Alcatel OT320 Unlocker by s2gsm
    Alcatel OT535/735 Unlocker by s2gsm
    BenQ Unlocker
    SonyEricsson DIV 5 Various Editions
    LG 5xxx 7xxx Unlocker ver1.2
    Maxon Epsilon WAP, Epsilon, Europa
    Motorola C115 Unlocker
    Motorola E365, C200, T191, T190 Unlocker
    Motorola C200 Flasher
    Motorola E365 NCK Reader
    Nec Exxx WCDMA Unlocker Ver 3.10
    Nec N21i, N331i, N341i Reader
    Nec 228, 313, 616, 338 Unlock, Repair, IMEI change
    Nokia DCT3 by Jordik Testing and Unlocking software
    PanaUFO Service Tools 3.2
    SonyEricsson PBB

    Supports via serial coneection!
    T200, T202, T226, T230, T237,
    T300, T310, T312, T316,
    T610, T618, T628, T637,
    P800, P802, P900, P908, Z600, Z608,
    R520, T39, T65, T68,
    A3610, T100, T105, Z200, Z208,
    A2618, A2628, T20, T29

    - Unlock
    -- Clear Sp area
    -- Read all codes
    -- Clear user code
    -- Change IMEI
    -- LOCK to net
    - Flash
    - GDFS
    - Repair

    Samsung D500, D500e Tools 1.0.2
    Sharp Unlocker by ALL-KATEL
    Sharp Gx series
    Sharp Reset Code

    14.02.2005 - version 1.0.8 released

    What`s new:
    Beside new software we have added Service Module. This is easy to use interface enable to maintain repairs in Your service.


    Build in database of Your repairs

    Ability to print reception RECEIPT

    Ability to print release RECEIPT

    Warning about delayed repairs

    Ability to set Your own receipt details (company name, etc.)

    Ability to set Your own repair conditions

    Ability to change currency to Your own

    Ability to translate RECEIPT to Your language

    31.10.2004 - version 1.0.7 released

    software for Universal Box 5.0:
    - Mitsubishi ToolBox
    - Sagem Code Reader + testpoint schemes and support
    - DivLPT 5.0 for SonyEricssons - RSA removing

    documentations section:
    many new descriptions

    software section:
    - few new tested softwares
    - some old good software

    15.07.2004 - version 1.0.6 released

    Universal Simlock Remover update 1.06

    Alcatel BH4 Unlocker for 535 and 735
    Alcatel BE5, BF3, BF4, BG3, BF5 Tool by Heinrich 4.3
    Bosch Unlocker by Electroboy
    Mitsubishi Workshop for: Aria, Astral, Cosmo, Geo, Mars
    Motorola C200 Service (fixed bug from 1.05)
    Motorola E365 Nck Reader
    Motorola E365 Unlocker
    Samsung Tools Vilani 2.0
    Samsung UST
    Samsung V2xx and S1xx
    Sony Log reader

    Additionally in "Nokia Section" - CRUX calculator for remonte unlock:

    Alcatel: Hx1
    LG: 1200, 1300, 510, 520, 510W, 7010, 7020, B1200, B1300, G510, M1200, M1300, W3000
    NEC (temporary unlock): C313, C316, E606, E613, E616, E808
    Nokia DCT2, DCT3, DCT4
    Samsung: A300, A400, A800, E500, E700, E715, M100, P400, S100, S105, S300, S307, S500, SGH600, SGH2100, V200, X100, X600
    Siemens: 808, CL50, CL55, ST55
    Sony: CMD-C1, CMD-C5
    Panasonic: GD50, GD50, GD5

    Documentation section updated for: Alcatel, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sony

    20.05.2004 - version 1.0.5 released

    Universal Simlock Remover update 1.05

    Alcatel Service Software
    Mitsubishi All Trium Unlocker
    Mitsubishi TTool
    Motorola C200 Unlocker
    Motorola E365 Tool HackGSM edition
    Motorola T19x Service Software by HackGSM v3.01b
    Philips Toolz Deluxe v2.53 by Sanchez
    Samsung C100 Unlocker
    Samsung C100 Unlocker by Vilani
    Samsung Tools X100 E710 S500
    Samsung S500 Tool
    Samsung Unlocker 1.0.2 by Vilani
    Siemens C62 Unlocker - DECRYPTER
    Siemens C62 Unlocker - LOGGER
    Siemens Freia version 10
    Supports: C30, S40, C35, C35 New, M35, M35 new, S35, S35 New, A35, A36, A40, A50, A52, A55, A60, 1168, C45, 2118, C55, 2128, C60, S45, S55, ME45, M55, MC60, SL42, SL45, SL55, 6688, MT50, M50, 3318
    Siemens Bootcore Patch NO TESTPOINT NEEDED
    Siemens M55 Unlocker
    Siemens MC60 Unlocker
    Siemens ST55 CL50 Code
    Siemens Testpoint Location
    Siemens X55 Contrast Setting
    Toshiba Unlocker Ts21i

    Additionally some new codes and documentation

    24.09.2003 - version 1.0.4 released

    Universal Simlock Remover update 1.04
    - Alcatel BF/BG3 software
    - Motorola ASIM software
    - Nokia DCT4 Calculator
    Unlock all DCT4 phones + manual
    - Panasonic GD30,50 Repair
    - Panasonic GD67,68,87,88 code reader
    - Samsung all models tools
    - Sendo direct unlocker
    - Sharp GX new software
    - Siemens All new models software
    C30, S40, C35, C35NEW, M35, M35NEW, S35, S35NEW, A35, A36, A40, A50, A55, 1168, C45, 2118, C55, 2128, S45, S55, ME45, SL42, SL45, SL55, 6688, MT50, M50, 3118

    - Motorola Asim description
    - Motorola T205 Simlock
    - Nokia 3310 simlock
    - Nokia 5110 simlock
    - Nokia DCT3 Flashing
    - Panasonic unauthorized action
    - Siemens S40 Unlock
    - Sony J5, J6 unlock

    - New unlock codes for Samsung
    - Netmonitor in Sagem phones

    27.06.2003 - version 1.0.3 released


    Codes for: Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Sagem, Siemens, Sony

    Documentation: Alcatel BE1 Unlock solution, this is the begining only very soon much more solutions

    Software: Nokia - Unlock, Repair, Change IMEI, Flash total 9 programs; Sagem - Unlock, Repair - 2 programs, Sony - Unlock all models

    22.06.2003 - version 1.0.2 released

    New software added for:
    Alcatel BF
    Motorola C300
    Motorola T190/191
    Motorola V60/V66/V70
    Nokia Dct3
    Other - lang info software
    Panasonic GD96 unlocker
    Samsung All
    Samsung A300/400
    Shrap GX10
    Siemens A50/C55
    Siemens S40

    09.03.2003 - version 1.0.1 released
    what`s new: added 11 new programs,
    for: Alcatel, Ericsson, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens

    01.02.2003 - version 1.0.0 released


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