MyTheatre 3.30

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  • MyTheatre 3.30

    Hallo Leute
    Heute wurde MyTheatre 3.30 released.
    28 Sep 2005 - MyTheatre v3.30
    - new: DVB Subtitles support!
    - new: all features of Twinhan PCI cards (like raw DiSEqC, CI) now
    supported through BDA driver
    - upd: drivers for Technisat and Twinhan cards have been updated in
    full package to latest known.
    - upd: changes in IVR renderer to make more compatible with
    HyperThreading and SMP.
    - upd: OSD in Generic mode have been reworked. Now requires VMR7
    or VMR9 renderer.
    - upd: Subtitles require IVR mode or Generic with VMR7 or VMR9 renderer
    - upd: Teletext Subtitles presentation re-worked
    - new: ShortCut setting to move MyTheatre window between monitors.
    - new: Option to separate Channel list visibility in windowed and
    fullscreen modes (Display tab)
    - new: Now MyTheatre can show/accept PID in either HEX or Decimal form.
    ("Show/Enter PID in Decimal Form" in display tab)
    - new: support for for Technisat AirStar, CableStar cards. It hasn't been
    checked, i have no these cards.
    - upd: SkyStar2 signal quality didn't work in new driver. Code has been
    updated to 4.3 driver version. Enhanced driver v4.3 for SkyStar2 PCI
    (sorry, no USB version, use older driver) included in full package.
    - new: option "Use OS cache to access HardDrive" in Timeshift settings
    - new: option "Start in Fullscreen Mode" (miscellaneous tab)
    - new: CI support (103x cards) for Twinhan PCI BDA driver
    - fix: Twinhan 7041/42 (MagicBox) now works with driver from
    VisionDTV v2.604. But older driver is preffered to use due to much more
    - fix: Twinhan 7045/46 (AlphaDVB/MagicBox II) issues.
    - fix: some minor visual bugs