NVIDIA DVD Dekoder 1.02.150

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  • NVIDIA DVD Dekoder 1.02.150

    Neue Version verfügbar: nVidia DVD Decoder 1.02.185
    Release Date: November 4, 2005

    What’s New in Version 1.02-185
    Version 1.02-185 of the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder includes the following changes
    and fixes since version 1.02-177:

    Windows Media Player and Media Center Edition
    • Fixed a multi-source filter regression issue in transport-stream playback when
    feeding the Microsoft Demux.
    • Fixed a memory leak problem in the multi-source filter.
    • Fixed HD MPEG-2 video playback corruption issues on passively-cooled GeForce
    6200 GPUs with TurboCache™.
    • Limited the NVIDIA transport stream demux to connect only to NVIDIA
    PureVideo decoders.
    Post Processing
    • Improved inverse telecine fallback modes on low-memory GeForce GPUs with