Neue AnyDVD Version zum Download

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  • Neue AnyDVD Version zum Download

    Seit heute gibt´s wieder was neues vom Füchschen!!!
    Unter der altbekannten Adresse kann die Version runtergeladen werden mit folgenden Veränderungen:

    - Happy new year from SlySoft!
    - Important: When installing this version over an existing
    installation, you must reboot your machine. Otherwise the changes
    made in the AnyDVD device driver will not have any effect!
    - New: Improved the function remove unreferenced VOBUs. This fixes
    problems with some titles, e.g. "Unstoppable" R2 (German).
    - New: Error zones on RipGuard/Arccos/PuppetLock protected titles are
    now replaced with "valid material". 3rd party tools like DVDDecrypter
    will now work better (no more "Pack Header Error" messages).
    - New: Better support of elby CloneDVD2 when copying Arccos or
    RipGuard protected titles without Menus:
    Eliminates "hang" on standalone DVD Player and Audio "out of sync"