Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide

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  • Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide

    Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide

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    Facts zu dem Buch:

    This is one amazing informational guide. Written by some of the most knowledgeable fitness specialists, medical doctors, and physiologists around, this guide covers anything and everything there is about physical training and achieving super results. Whether you are active duty, a soon to be, or someone just interested in elite military training, this is one piece of reading material that you should not be without.

    Example of topics:

    Unique variations of physical training including Intervals Sprints Interval Sprints Acceleration Sprints and Fartlek or Speed Play
    The three energy systems your body uses and how to use them to achieve your goals-
    Specialized cardio-respitory conditioning
    Obligatory running information revealing a variety of sequences for proper form and gait plus choosing the best running gear for your special needs
    Rare swimming techniques showing you exactly what and how to become a master swimmer
    Powerful Plyometrics for developing unbelievable strength and agility
    Unconventional training protocols preparing the active soldier physically and mentally for special missions
    and much, much more!
    These are only a few of the topics that are covered in this vast fitness encyclopedia. There are over 100 tables and figures, all depicting invaluable training guidance.

    Please note: This is a facsimile of the Official U.S. Government Military Issued Fitness Guide and specifically made for the United States SEAL team.

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