SolidSnake & Blazkowicz pres: Comic Party Revolution(ova)

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  • SolidSnake & Blazkowicz pres: Comic Party Revolution(ova)


    Hab hier ma wieder n schönen Anime geuppt. Mein Dank geht wie immer an Blazkowicz

    A college student, Sendō Kazuki, happened to set foot in the doujinshi community. There, people are producing and selling doujinshi, which is the comic book drawn by fans rather than professional writers. At first he was reluctant, but as he met the girls earnest about producing doujinshi, he was gradually involved in creating it himself.

    This series is based on a Dreamcast/PC game, "Comic Party", and its setting is different from the TV series. The main characters, Kazuki, Taishi, and Mizuki are college students whereas they were high school students in the TV series. The story starts after Kazuki has become acquainted with other characters.

    Sprache: Japanisch mit dt Untertitel

    Wers will schickt mir ne nette PN mit CPR|Name an mich
    Thx Pflicht
    Speedy nicht von Nöten, da Rapid
    PW steht im Tread, wer suchet der findet


    Viel Spaß wünschen euch

    Blazkowicz & SolidSnake
    Wer Angst hat soll nicht leechen, denn wer leecht sollte Ahnung haben und wer Ahnung hat hat keine Angst.