One Piece Movie 7 Trailer

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  • One Piece Movie 7 Trailer

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    Title: One Piece: Karakuri Shiro no Mecha Kyohei
    Jap. Kanji: ワンピース THE MOVIE カラクリ城のメカ巨兵
    English: One Piece: Karakuri Castle`s Mecha Giant Soldier
    Synonyms: One Piece Movie 7, One Piece Movie 7 - Karakuri Jo no Meka Kyohei
    Genre: Adventure, Comedy - [similar]
    Type: Movie
    Parts: 1
    Year: 2006 (04.03.2006)
    Companies: Toei Animation ()
    parent story: One Piece
    Audio: Japanese
    Subtitle: English
    Filesize: ca. 25 MB @ Rapid (bei der kleinen Datengroesse duerfte Rapid ja kein Problem sein)

    In tempest, Grand Line, Luffy and his gangs got in a ship about to sink, and they found a big treasure box. They were delighted to opened it, but what they saw wasn’t treasure but an old woman wearing gold tooth. She was hiding in the box because the ship was sinking. She said if they would take her to her island she would give them the legend treasure, Golden Crown. Thinking that they would get new treasure, they left for the island.
    When they arrived at the island, they heard someone singing a fork song, “The king of the sea, the golden crown…”. And they learnt that the name of the island was “Mecka Island”, and that the building standing there was Mecka Castle.
    Suddenly Ratchet, the son of the old woman, appeared. He thought Luffy was the pirate who had kidnapped her, and he took her home without listening to her.
    But, they couldn’t abandon the treasure. They thought there was a clue of treasure in the lyrics of the fork song, and they began to look for the treasure. However, traps beyond their imaginations were waiting for them.

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