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  • Vision of Escaflowne the Movie

    Hi Leute,

    ich bin ein totaler Fan von "The Vision of Escaflowne", habe auch schon die normalen TV Folgen. Ich habe nun aber heruasgefunden, dass es auch ein richtiges Movie von Escaflowne gibt.


    Also wer hat, den bitte ich es zu uppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLS HELP ME!!!!!!!


  • hab hier ne rezension von dem film... also für mich sieht der mehr nach nem medien gag aus... lohnt sich nicht wirklich den zu suchen/uppen:

    As someone who loves the Escaflowne series, this movie was very disappointing. I had been receptive to a great deal of the hype, but that was pretty much all it was. Trying to re-tell the series in one movie wasn't the best move.

    There were obviously character changes. I was never a fan of Hitomi in the series, and her character hasn't improved in the movie. I couldn't even tell if the movie was trying to imply a romance between her and Van, as it was in the series. Folken, who was a very dynamic character in the show, is more like a villianous pawn for the animators; a tool for stirring up conflict.

    Overall, the movie has highly detailed animation, but little worthwhile character development, and not much of a plot. Some of the character designs are nice, but others are awful. Some look a a great deal like the series counterparts, but others, such as with Folken or Millerna, looking nothing like them. Personalites have also changed as well. Hitomi is rather depressed, although we don't really know why, so it's easier to chalk it up to the drama of being a teenager. Van is all angst and not much else. The movie mostly drags you along for the ride. If you're an action buff, this may be good for you.

    The one character who didn't change and I found I enjoyed about as much as his anime counterpart was Dilandau. Still insane, still likes to watch things burn.

    If the movie was aiming for as high standards as the series, it failed. Instead of a re-telling, I think a sequel to the series would have been much more successful, and it's a shame they didn't go that route.

    und hier noch eine, um die zweifler zu überzeugen
    For diehard fans of the TV series, that will totally ruin the Movie for you. Not to be a killjoy, but the movie lacks anything to get me interested and caring about the characters at ALL. It was like watching a Road Rules marathon on MTV. You don't give a dang about any of the losers in it.

    I couldn't place the cause of this, and then realized what it was: rather than try to do a followup or prequel that would've been decent they tried to ram the entirety of the 26 part series into one movie. Absolutely NONE of the intrigue and complexity survives this compacting. Zip, nada, bupkiss. It's two dimensional and stale.

    If that wasn't enough, the parts the characters play are totally switched around. Any semblance of the magic and intelligent writing the Series showed is out the window, leaving you feeling cheated and ripped off.

    The end is typically existentialist, to the detriment of the film. Whereas the Series ended with a sort of downer, but realistic ending the movie doesn't even attempt it. It just ends and you don't know what the heck is going on. After having a similar experience with Evangelion, it is my sincere belief that the Japanese need some Western writers to ride herd on them.

    Existentialist morals mongering can kill a perfectly good and beautiful story. The writing and the characters get lost in the message. Escaflowne: The Movie tries to pull it off and gets lost in the waves of its own changes. To quote Marley, "Please don't you rock my boat, cuz I don't want my boat to be rockin'." They should have listened to him.

    Detested this so much compared to the series I would've given it two stars were it not so pretty. If you're after art, check it out. If you're after storyline, don't bother with this unless it comes bundled with the Series. The two are such different animals (and calibers of storytelling) I was amazed the same team did both. Series all the way, Movie's a pale imitation.