Altina Bluetooth GPS Maus - GBT708

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    • Altina Bluetooth GPS Maus - GBT708

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      Altina Bluetooth GPS Receiver - GBT708

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      The Altina’s Bluetooth GPS Receiver-GBT708 enables you to receive GPS data on mobile handheld, Pocket PC, Notebook wirelessly. Using this device, you can ignore the messy cords to easy your life. GBT708 Receiver provides high position accuracy and has reliable tracking capabilities. The device can provide you an easy way to find out the correct direction you want to go. The ultra low power consumption design gives you more than 9 hours of continuous usage based on SiRF Start IIe/LP chipset.


      1. Built-in SiRF Star IIe / Low Power high performance chipset
      2. Tracks up to 12 satellites at a time
      3. Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator
      4. On/ off Bluetooh switch button enables you to get prompt connection
      5. Long operating time: more than 9 hrs on continuously mode
      6. Obviously three LED indicators: Power / Bluetooth / GPS
      7. External voltage: 5VDC +/- 10 %
      8. Equipped Rubber pad to well protect antenna and data port

      Komplettes Datenblatt unter: KLICK

      wird geliefert im Originalkarton mit allem Zubehör was dabei war.

      Preis: 70 € ! (Neupreis 110 €)

      Kontakt via PN oder hier im Thread.