Gerücht: PS3 Gran Turismo Abzocke

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  • Gerücht: PS3 Gran Turismo Abzocke

    Up to 750 cars and 50 tracks will be available for purchase. The cars are reportedly 50 - 100 yen (approx. $0.43 - 0.85) and courses are 200 - 500 yen (approx. $1.71 - 4.26). You will not get cars via in game events, only by purchasing and downloading. Apparently, there are also plans to release limited numbers of downloads for special courses.

    IGN contacted Sony who would not comment at this time. Does this mean that to own all the cars and courses in GT HD a PS3 owner would have to drop up $500-845 bucks on Gran Turismo? What if you don't download all the courses, but your friend does? Can you not race on that track unless you buy it? Hopefully, these questions can be answered later this week at Sony's Press Conference from the Tokyo Game Show.

    Was für eine Schweinerei, ich hab mich extra schon derb auf GT gefreut, da die InGame Bilder echt der hammer ist,
    aber dass scheint mir echt zu dumm und viel zu sehr kostenspielig.
    Was machen dann die Leute, die die online Version nicht erhalten kann? Werden sie dann mit der "Premium" Edition mit 30 Autos rumcruisen?
    Und dann sollen wir auch noch an die 700 € für die PS3 ausgeben? Nein, danke.