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  • Hello FSB-Member !

    Here are some rules for the Chat area. First of all the "Nettiquette" applies, which is no flame, whine etc
    We approve threads like: Whats your opinion to the war in Aphganistan, what do you say to the Euro, in detail topics with some kind of "emotional means". In the case of doubt better ask or post into the Off-Topic area. We will decide where to put that thread. Please post everything you do not know where it fits to the Off-Topic area !

    There were discussions about senceless post in the past, here is how to handle:

    The Chat area is NO senseless-post storage area !!

    Ppl which do not take care of this rules or the rules of the forum will be watched. It is senseless to collect amount of posts through the posting senseless posts. Senseless posts will be deleted silently.
    So what are senseless posts? We regard posts like "wicked" "awesome" or "thx" or such statements to be senseless. In doubt the team decideswhat a senseless post is ;) So please - first think, then post !

    Furthermore I want to point out, that members posting useless posts are offending the boardrules point 5:

    5. Unnecessary Postings omits (ago with the IP, insults, unfriendly Postings generally). In particular also no double and three-way Postings with Uploads (Upload, Rules, IP assignment, Speedy).

    Since so many ppl havn't read this rules, the postings in the Chat Area are no longer counted !!!

    thx in advance

    Freesoft-Board Team

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