What do you think about the USA?

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  • hmm not too many people in here huh
    about time for some more postings!
  • .. especially the bush and the close voting ih the run for the presidency - remember that half of the people thinking in the same way like "their" president ( and none of them did a posting here ). And their " mission " to bring whatever to the world.

    This is the worst thing that the americans don't have the feeling how the rest of the world is thinking and feelingand they are not really interested in other countries. I remenber an interview with one of the young players of the European football league : he was afraid that the germans have no telephone and he couldn't get his right food.
    The americans does working only in heir own habit - the armed forces brings tons of coke and burgers in every post of the posts to get their people happy.
    On the other hand they are friendly and and have a refreshing kind to foreign people.
    It is like with all things - there are two sides, but the most countries don't have the " mission " and feel like the only ones.

    king ralf
  • ganxxta1994 schrieb:

    What a question -.-
    I`ve never been in the USA, only in Canada, so I can barely say if I like it or not, but I can defenetly say that I dislike Bush`s behavior, did you see Michael Moore`s Fahrenheit 9/11 ? If so you`ll know what I mean.

    I agree with you!!!
    War is a game for Bush....and i also hate that many americans think that they are the world police.
  • America is no worse than any other country, it's just that it's more powerful. When Europeans were the most powerful peoples in the world they started wars and conquered and colonised. It's not just Christian nations, either you only have to look at the Turks and Persians/Iranians when they were great powers. And i'd much rather have America as the world's leading power than China or Russia.

    You shouldn't confuse the government with the people either. Do you stand by all the things your President or Premier has done? No, I bet you hate him or her! LoL
  • and why are the people accepting the "wrong" regime? You need 1% (lunatic fringes?!) to dispossess a state.. :P well, ok, this sounds to easy^^
    but thats the thing, we're all living in states where the (littlest?!) protest is suppressed by the fear of police etc., and thats the way how idiots like bush are able to do all this shit.
    well doesnt matter, if I'm of age ill build some house out of wood in finland and dont care about all this crap... or maybe i wont, but i hope that im strong enough to do sth like this :P
  • Amerikans always want to win because they want to be the No.1 in the world and their way of life is : make money.To become and continuously remain the worlds most powerful nation means to make war.It's cruel of cause but the winner takes it all.
    Not at all also they have been the one and only nation that used the atomic bomb against another country ,and all their wars are always in the name of freedom and justice for a free world (of materializm).To make war means to make money.War was always a way to earn good money.
    The american history tells us that America always was build up on the death of thousands of people and it still is , from the Indians to Afghanistan.
  • Tischler schrieb:

    I think many people don't accept the idea, but we are still in the age of imperialism and the U.S.A. is practising it very well - all over the world :), direct and indirect through support of rebels and people like them.

    I'm no communist or something similiar but you should read Lenin's theories about imerpialism, they are very interesting and still RIGHT!

    And what I think about it?

    I think war is something really terrible and no one can really imagine what it means to be in a war - except you saw it by yourself.


    PS: I think my English is not bad :)

    I also think so.

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