What do you think about the USA?

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  • What do you think about the USA?

    i want to know what you think about the USA and their wars? I think the USA are very brutal, because they have more wars then any other country for the last 60 years (since 1945)(27), i think this are too much wars. What do ypu think?
    PS: My English isn't the best :D . If there are misstakes in my text, correct them please.
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  • I think many people don't accept the idea, but we are still in the age of imperialism and the U.S.A. is practising it very well - all over the world :), direct and indirect through support of rebels and people like them.

    I'm no communist or something similiar but you should read Lenin's theories about imerpialism, they are very interesting and still RIGHT!

    And what I think about it?

    I think war is something really terrible and no one can really imagine what it means to be in a war - except you saw it by yourself.


    PS: I think my English is not bad :)
  • Well I kinda agree with ya guys. I know I know ...I do live here but anyway... but I gotta say its not the US public that thinks like that.. its more just the government and the wanna-be ruler(s) lolcause most americans have no clue about whats going on out there. no news, no newspaper.. just nothing..I even dont know whats going on in Houston lol basically the ppl here think its a bad thing but they do support their leaders cause ya hmm I dunno lol american pride ? yup that fits.. cause of their pride ;)

    Dont wanna be n smartass but u say " and its wars" cause USA is singular. U did it twice and the punctuation suck but fuck it..who cares.

    There have just been too many wars or that is just too many wars..
  • I love all americans, I love the american way of life, but there is one thing I hate. President Bush and his goverment. And I dunno that most Americans don't like him either... I personally feel bad when people are saying something like "the americans kill people in Iraq"... that's wrong, not the Americans votet for the war, it was their president with his friends and daddy's friends...

    I'm sad that I've never been to the USA, sure I'm only 14 but I like America a lot. I love the sports (Basketball and Football), I love the beautiful landscape! I also love the American English! The USA is such a amazing country with such a stupid president
  • USA consists of many ignorant people who don't want to accept opinions of other people... The USA are the best and nobody and nothing else can reach the position of them. (thast's the way how the majority of Americans think)

    If you ask me I would say the USA are very important in the field of politics and idustry. I can't imagine to live without american products. But on the other hand could the Germans replace products of the USA with own products. So the economics would be improved in the future.

    Bush thinks he is the most powerfull person all over the worlf and that's why he started so many wars. I guess that it's the wrong way and he should think about his opinion about world power and so on ;) He should change his attitude towards possibilities to solve problems.

  • Hackmanno1 schrieb:

    Bush thinks he is the most powerfull person all over the worlf and that's why he started so many wars.

    Disagree. The only reason for him was a thing called

    After researching a few things on that topic I can say that from the very beginning the Iraq was the major goal for the US goverment. It's just unbelievable: The US lied about very very important things, then they start a war. A few years later they admit they lied and know one even cares... That's ridiculous

    A sad world....
  • Hi, has anyboddy seen the Movie "farenheit 9/11"? It´s a great movie and you can learn mutch about W. Bush and Bush senior.

    I like the U.S.A., it´s a gread country but the President is an asshole :D! He makes war for money and Oil. Not for the land and not to kill those Al-Kaida guys.

    greetings Erich

    (sorry for my bad english ^^ )
  • @KobeShow
    What do you connect with money?

    Bush's opinion is at first Power, and this is in a direct Connection with money.
    If you have money you'll have Power... SO he wants to be the most powerfull person of the world ;)

    You argued with the same reasons like me.

    please use third person correctly;)
    for example:
    "Has anybody seen..."
    "He makes..."

  • Hackmanno1 schrieb:

    Bush's opinion is at first Power, and this is in a direct Connection with money.

    Sure? I think he dont want the Power, because he has power enough. I think the only thing he wants is the Oil. And the Oil is like money, but the power is a unimportant additive. He has enough Power to become a second Hitler... and he is stronger than Hitler. I wait for the day he become a dictator.

    Hackmanno1 schrieb:

    please use third person correctly;)
    for example:
    "Has anybody seen..."
    "He makes..."


    "gg" thanks. I have said that my english is bad. ^^

    greetings Erich
  • We can only guess ;)

    But it's impossible to compare bush with hitler. Hitler was bad. He killed so many people because of their religion or somthing else. But this isn't the topic now ans so we shouldn't discuss it now.

    You can't say that Bush is stronger than hitler. Bush isn't like Hitler. He kills people too, but the reason isn't the religion. The reson is money and so power.
    Power is based on money. If you have money you'll have enough power to give instructions to others.

    And remember:
    Don't compare Bush with Hitler

    @ Erich:
    "he doesn't..."

  • You're right guys. It's Power first but Power is Money. Just take a look at the Patriot act. It means so much Power over the American Puplic. It is no law against terrorists but a law against the americans. Terrorist don't care if there's a new law that says this and that...

    If you are interessted in this topic then you will soon see that the american goverment lies incessantly. And no one around the world says anything against this
  • America is a big piece of shit. I hate those stupid idiots, who think that they are the "World Police".
    And KobeShow you're wrong. After 9/11 nearly everybody wanted the war against Bin Laden.
  • cube schrieb:

    America is a big piece of shit. I hate those stupid idiots, who think that they are the "World Police".
    And KobeShow you're wrong. After 9/11 nearly everybody wanted the war against Bin Laden.

    You're talking crap... JUST CRAP!

    No1 in America thinks they are World Police just the goverment does.
    Of course everbody wanted the war against the Taliban, why, because of thousands of lies! :depp:
  • haha I dunno. wel lanyway I went to class today and we were talking about europe.. she said... Europeans are like - destroy ur enemy before he destroys you LOL
    and they like to pick on the french haha they think they hate them so they hate the french too. no one knows why.. its just like that.
    They think about europe in a umm a different way that prolly the australians do lol
    she said some things like a wannabe state and they want to be the majority leader lol

    I dunno you cant judge them cause they have no clue what happens out side of america. I mean they really know nothing. Asia lies in europe and the mount everest in anywhere in australia lol

    But you guys are wrong. Its just notz the gov't... many ppl think like that as well as many political leader. I mean c'on....some really think they can strike the entire world lol
    ya so the guy above me is wrong too.. they think like that...some but still many.
  • XodoX schrieb:

    But you guys are wrong. Its just notz the gov't... many ppl think like that as well as many political leader.

    And why? b/c they were totaly confused by the gov. It's allways Al Kaida, Iraq, Al Kaida, Iraq, Iraq, Iran, Al Kaida, Taliban... i heared that 60% of the american people think that at least one of the so called hijackers of 9/11 were from Iraq :eek: :mad: :confused: Unbelivable! But not b/c they're stupid, but b/c they were systematicly confused.

    Sry for my bad english today I'm tired ;)

    BTW, waht exactly does "I dunno" mean? I thought it means "I do know" but I'm not sure
  • sprudel schrieb:

    sorry but thats wrong, dunno means dont know/ i dont know. i DO know means something like i really know. i know is the opposite of i dont knwo/dunno....

    just to get it straight ;)

    So I was right ha? :D

    What do ya'all think about the whole North-Corea thing?
  • @XodoX

    Can u tell us more about the knowledge about europe or especially germany? :>.. i'd like to know what the guys there (america) think about us ;). A American friend (emigrated 2 years ago, hes living in angleton ;D... maybe next door? ;D) said they know "Jägermeister" and "Bitburger" but not really more.


    I dunno what i should think about america... it's not the free state we know here, no alcohol under 21 years, no naked womans (i mean ^^ they have no problems with violence but erotic things are taboo), weapons in discounter. But they have a easier way of life than here, no "tüv", i believe no driving school (just the practise exam), everything (except good european cars ;)) is cheaper. I believe i remain german ;)...

  • Sure the "American way of life" sounds really great,..but it's really like this? I don't think so....last summer i went to California for 1 month and we visited SanFrancisco, LA, San Diego,Las Vegas,....
    And i must say that it was astonishing! Those huge skyscraper, the infrastructure! But if u looked down, on the streets u just saw homeless people lying everywhere, everywhere u look, u can see at last 2 Homeless people! Next thing is the politics in the USA, only two big parties? No thank you, just imagin what would happen in germany, only CDU and SPD!!! Germany would be stuck! Same as in AMerica, through the fact that there are only 2 parties the whole system is heavy and not really flexible.
    I could keep going like this through the whole day, i don't really like the USA, they see themselve as the most developed country, the most democratic one,...

    Die andere Seite ist dunkel, sehr dunkel!
    Halt die Klappe Yoda und iss deinen Toast!

  • A lot of people in other countries think the american way of life is the best. But I think that nobody can say this before he starts to live there some time. Next year my best friend will go to the United States, I'm going to New Zealand.
    I hope he writes me a lot of Emails, because it's an exciting topic (Ok, maybe it isnt so interesting or so different from other things, but...;))
    And it isnt the point that I don't know the United States, I was there about 8 Times, but if you don't live there you can't assess it there (it's a different if you live 4 weeks in a hotel or in a family).
  • american way of life


    you really sound like an american who loves everthing. How will you love things when you never seen them with your own eyes ?
    But doesn't matter - keep your innocence.

    @all others

    the people over there in the us are not interested what happens in the world.
    Because of that they doesn't know and understand other countries and cultures. When i was in the states in 82 for miltary service they ask me from which state of germany i am coming from.
    Also they can't understand why especially arabian people are not unrestrained happy with democracy ( if i bring you coke and burger you will be my friend ).
    The most interesting thing is ( this is my experience with the military service ) that the american soldier won't work if he ( she) has no amerian environment. You see this also at the young football players who came along every year for the NFLE = Does they have phones in germany ? Do i have to eat sauerkraut all the time ? Are they any burgers available ?
    This sounds very bad, but though i like many things in the states ( football ec ) and i was there may times ( and had great times ), not everthing is fine over there. I think in every country things can be better, but the people in the us think they are the true ones with the mission to help ( may be dominate ) the world.;)