American vs. British English

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  • American vs. British English


    Am I the only one who just hates BE? The pronunciation is very hard... I was kinda surprised as i first heard the British accent... how can people speak like this? AE is very natural very easy to speak but the BE is really strange I think?

    What are your thoughts on this??


    Sorry for my bad English :)
  • Hi Kobe,

    it is very interesting, how the people think about english.
    At first their was just ENGLISCH (the british version). Then there were other continents that were discovered and had to use the same language. But in america the influence of the original english was not that strong like in Australia....

    Btw, i have read (vergangenheit, ka wie es geschrieben wird) that 70% of the world wide used english is out of any correct syntax and grammar :D . So who cares ?

    And in Germany you also have diffenent slangs like bavarian or "platt" which are difficult to understand.
  • Yeah, sure, i think American ist much better then Britisch! We musst learn in the School AE thats ist naturaller then BE, i dont know! Its Better!

    Sry for my Englisch, im cant it not very well!! xD


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  • geheim schrieb:

    I think AE is much easier to speak, but it sounds like you eat a bubblegum...

    That's what my mum says to me all the time! Since I play Basketball and watch many games I just know the American way of speaking Englisch... I can imagine how somebody can even speak like this there whole life, but certainly it's all a matte of habit...

    @geheim: Sry, I'm in the 9th class I don't want to tell you something wrong :)
  • yuhu schrieb:

    But what you want to say is wrong. It sound so, but that is the slang of the different states. It is not distributed all over the usa.

    People from LA would hardly understand people from NY I think, it's just like in Germany... But do you all speak BE b/c you had to learn it at school? My teachers are fine with me speaking AE, although my class-mates laughed at me a long time after pronuncing "Rock & Pop" in AE in a speech about REM... ;)
  • Well, it's an interesting topic ;)

    As you said, I think AE is easier to speak, but I think, BE from a native speaker sounds still quite "cool" ^^

    But usually I speak more AE.

    Yours sincerely
  • CrYstaLX schrieb:

    BE from a native speaker sounds still quite "cool" ^^

    I have a native speaker in my class and nearly the complete class don't like it, when he speaks.
    i don't like it, too.

    AE sounds better than BE!
  • But that is your opinion and your friends opinion, not mine^^. I sometimes watch the BBC News channel, just to hear the British accent.

    I also have one british and two native American English speaker in my class ;)

    Yours sincerely
  • I think the BE is easier to understand.
    In american movies eg Pulp Fiction it is very hard to understand the actors. But when listen to BBC (Radio), i am able to understand 90 per cent of the content.

    Maybe your are right, when you say, the AE is easier to speak and sounds better, but its often to hard to understand.
  • I think, Nibbler si right. If you're e.g. a politician it's better for you to speek BE cause it sounds more formal than AE.
    But for myself i like AE more. Its easier to speak and sounds better in the every day life.
    In Germany it's nearly the same. You have the formal German which isn't spoken by many and there is the German "slang" which is used by almost everybody.
  • I really love this highclass British English! If I could speak such an Enlish, I would be totally happy, this American English is a very bad copy. It is just mumbled and it sounds like you are listening to a Briton with only a half tongue or something.

  • I think that AE is a bad copy of the much better BE. It sounds so gay when I have to listen to Bush or someone else from America.

    So I like BE much more, maybe cause I leraned it at school.

  • sorry guys but there isnt a huge differnence between uk and us english. some words are differnt, u might spell some in another way, or pronounce them different. nevertheless on the whole they r the same. and in school u defently dont learn the uk pronouncication, its way differnt to the german english.

    and aussies do speak another english as well. u dont have mate, gday, no worries in the states neither in the uk.

    and kobe, honestly u dont speak american english, u might think u sound like it, but u wont speak in an american accent. every foreign person will tell u that ;)

    anyway have a good one....
  • For me there's no doubt about AE being way easier to speak, but especially easier to LISTEN to. I mean listening to an oldsk00l englishman is pure torture to the bone. I always get this feeling that they think that they're sth. better than everybody else, just because of the language. Most of the time this is not true of course, but this strange language makes you feel this way ^^

    Since i'm interested in Basketball, Wrestling and also the american TV-Shows like "The Simpsons" "Family Guy" etc..speaking AE became absolutely normal to me anyway and so i never felt like i had to learn speaking BE...

    And for all those, who say that the like BE more because they learned it at school...i pretty much doubt that there are teachers in germany, who could teach speaking BE the way a person from Britain does.

    AE rulezZ!! BR is a pain the arse xD ;)

    Viva la Raza!

    PS: i know that my spelling and punctuation is horrible, but im pretty tired....and i mean REALLY tired :)
  • BE sounds gay?

    The Streets, Franz Ferdinand, ACDC, Artic Monkeys, The Chemical Brothers, The Clash...

    all those are band from British English speaking countries, and i dont think you would consider one of them to be "gay" or "uncool". when it comes to music, BE has so much more style than AE. American english often is just so mainstream and boring...(i speak it though, it simply is easier^^)
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