Sptd-driver 1.35 Released!

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  • Sptd-driver 1.35 Released!

    LocutusofBorg wrote:

    Dear Community,

    DuplexSecure released tonight a new version of their SPTD-
    Driver, V1.35

    This version fixes alot of problems - we urgently suggest all
    DaemonTools-Users to upgrade to this new version.

    1.35 fixes, amongst other bugs:

    - Acronis True Image issue
    - Mac Drive issue
    - U3 flash issue
    and other issues, like invalid user buffer, lockups on mount..

    The new version is available at Duplexsecure-website, we will
    also include it to our download-section within the next hours:


    We also update our DT-package soon to offer an integrated
    version where SPTD1.35 is available "out of the box".

    My personal thanks to Digger and ChaosTheory for their

    Wollte ich euch nur mitteilen, damit ihr ein paar Bugs in eurem SPTD Treiber fixen koennt.
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