Problem with navigon 6 shutting down

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  • Problem with navigon 6 shutting down

    I have typhoon 3230 go (PNA with WINCE 4.2) and I managed to install Navigon 6 on it

    But there is one thing that is bothering me when I did 200 km trip Navigon 6 shuted down 3 times on this trip so I had to run it again and choose last destination

    Anyone experienced that kind of problem
    Thnx for your replies
  • I am already using version 6.1 but I had no previous key I installed this version without having previous versions installed ?????

    I heard that PNA versions doesnt need activation key and it doesnt prompt me for any
  • oops i saw that you have 6.1 sorry for that i was thinking that you use it on an ppc, to my pm i must say look at the forums many guys are reporting that they have Problems when they route up or over 100km with ram full and exit problems. So in my eyes navigon gives an grap to the user and that is the reason why i dont buy an product like navigon, i primary bought igo and i´m very happy with it and with the userfriendly support, with free cardupdates 2006 and and and. By Igo you can watch the process, you can wish things if you miss something on it and and and.
    Navigons only advantage is the TMC which is really perfect if we can talk about TMC is good, in my eyes TMC has pros and cons, i dont like it when i get an reroute over an Mountain, or i get an rerouting because tmc says there is an problem and when i´m there there isnt still something grrrrrrrr.
    So for me TMC is not an argument anymore.
    But you have to decide. With IGO i have no exits i have an good routing, i have many features i want, i have fast control, i have an fast gfx engine also on vga and and and.

    greats cHarOn
  • I read something about changing this setting in "ApplicationSettings.xml" from




    Did you hear about that somwhere and what does it do???

    The reason I prefer Navigon is this lane assistant very useful in Navigon 6