Text am anfang oder am ende bei Adobe Premiere Pro einfügen

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  • Text am anfang oder am ende bei Adobe Premiere Pro einfügen

    ich wollte mal fragen ob mir einer sagen kann wie man vor einer szene einen text bei adobe Premiere Pro einfügen kann pls help me

    :danke: im vorraus ;)

  • How to add text to a movie

    This tutorial will show you how to add text to a movie with Premiere Pro 2.0. It is a very useful thing for putting your company's name on a video or just some random thoughts. You can also use it to make credits. I used it in my movie "Digging for Rabbits" to add some silly remarks.

    The basics are actually very simple.

    1. The hidden treasure of Premiere Pro

    The hardest part of creating text in Premiere Pro is actually finding the function. It is "hidden" under File -> New -> Title (or as on the pic below).

    2. Playing with the text functions

    So you will find out as I have that Premiere Pro has many fun text options to play with and let your imagination go wild. Here I just made a simple white text "I'm hunting wabbits". The text was too big at first so I adjusted the Font Size to 41,0. Also I used the arrow tool to move the text to the place I wanted.

    3. Adding your text creation to the sequence

    After you are happy with the text close down the text window and you will notice a new file on the left where all the imported filed are. Here it is titled "hunting". This is your text layer. You can drag it into the timeline as it is shown here and you can also change it any time you want by double clicking on it.

    4. That is basically it
    And that is basically it. And I mean basically because there is more interesting stuff you could do with the text - animation, blending, sound effects etc. But that maybe some other time. In the mean time you can check out my doggie Shiva digging for rabbits along the POTC music.


    YouTube - SHIVA Digging for Rabbits

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