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  • PPC.Essentials.Pack.Vol.1-GAMES.APPS

    wm6 rom update for htc wizard based phones [cool new interface and many more]
    age of empires - gold edition [game]
    rayman [game]
    argentum [game]
    simcity2000 [game]
    lextionary [english to english dictionary]
    bitdifender mobile [mobile antivirus]
    wififofum + framework 2.0 [wi-fi sniffer]
    pocket controller pro [controls your handheld using your desktop]
    pocketartist [photo editing/drawing]
    pocket theme manager [organise themes in handheld using desktop pc]
    skype [skype mobile client]
    zuma [game]
    battleship [game]
    texas hold`em poker [game]
    scrabble [game]
    omegaone battery pack [useful]
    the core pocket media player [plays about all the media you will ever want to play]
    mobirate billiard master [game]
    opera mobile [good stable web browser..flash not embedded ]
    pocketmind pocketmusic [goog music player]
    resco photo viewer [photo viewer and organiser]
    rocketmania [game]
    who wants tobe a millionaire [game]
    sudoku [game]
    monopoly [game]
    resco audio recorder [record audio using built-in mic]
    ibe rss reader [rss reader )]
    novii media novii remote deluxe [universal ir remote control usind predefined codes]
    resco explorer [advanced file and reg explorer]
    12remote [control desktops` itunes/wmplayer]
    superminers [game]
    smartmovie ppc [xvid/mp4 player]
    flash 7 [flash for windows mobile]
    skyforce reloaded [game]
    pontisoftware mIRCy [mobile IRC client]
    coolcamera [take photos and record avi videos]
    resco keyboard pro [replaces difficult system keyboard with cool new one]
    resco pocket radio [online radio player with huge database]
    animated themes [never used them..take up too much ram]
    remote amp [control winamp/itunes via wlan]
    pocket mechanic [basic maintenance tools]
    print pocket [print documents via com port]
    shape services im+ [yahoo/google/aim etc client..works]
    ateksoft webcamera plus [turn your phone into a webcam]
    e-mobile tv [watch online tv]
    start menu program manager [manage your start menu]
    total commander [best file man out there..lan plugin and everything ]
    vidya pocket task manager [shitty task manager]
    pocketrar [archiver]
    pocket putty [putty ]
    omnapclock [successfully overclock omap processors]

    Passwort: erst nach dankes Post

    Passwort: ppc2007

    Programme Größtenteils wenn nicht sogar alle Englisch

    ..und es wird weiteres Folgen

    Bei Interesse eine PN an mich [PPC.E|Nick]

    und bedanken nicht vergessen.

    gruß westgds

    p.s. Link darf nicht weitergegeben werden.
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    Speed: 300 kb/S

    Status: FERTIG

    Bewertung: *****

    MDA Vario | OS: WM6 5.2.660 | ROM: WWE |Radio: 2.69.11 | IPL: 3.08.001

    Hip-Hop hieß früher Stottern und war heilbar!! - Woher soll ich wissen, was ich denke, bevor ich höre, was ich sage?

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