[WoW] Joana's 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide - HTML Datei

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  • [WoW] Joana's 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide - HTML Datei

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    Art: HTML + Pics + Links zu den off. Videos

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    (Es handelt sich hier nur um den Guid von 1 - 60 auf Englisch!!!)
    I either play a male character named Mancow or a female character named Joana. I have been first to 60 now on 6 different servers, one of my goals with World of Warcraft is to get to 60 (or 70 now) on new servers with the least amount of /played time possible, this means each time I went to 60 in WoW I have been revising my routes in order to achieve a better /played time. So far my best time is 4 days 20 hours /played time to 60, this was done on the Jubei'Thos realm. I have this entire 4 day 20 hour run RECORDED, the whole thing is recorded and implemented into my guide!

    I list in detail the exact methods I have used to get 4 days 20 hours to 60, I list step by step the EXACT order I do everything from level 1 to 60.

    All quests are linked to both thottbot and allakhazam for easy references on how to do quests. Having all the quests linked to both sites will give you more views and opinions on how to do the quests.

    This guide is nicely organized into leveling areas with complete pictures on the exact paths to take. These pictures are VERY helpful, I have spent a lot of time mapping out everything, the quest paths to take, where the quest mobs are at, where the quest givers are at, and so on and so on. You almost don't even need thottbot, you can just use my illustrations for finding everything in the game world.

    Every leveling area also has full videos demonstrating how I did that area (the videos are taken from my full 4 day 20 hour run on the Jubei'Thos server).

    I list exactly when to accept quests, when to do them and when to turn them in, all in an order which is done in the most efficient manner.

    I go into great detail in it, I list everything that I do, including when I make an area my new home, or when I accept or turn in a quest, EVERYTHING is documented.
  • Einen wunderschönen - bei mir leider verregneten - Abend!
    Besitzt jemand diesen Link noch? Ich habe Nanox zwar eine PN geschickt, aber jedoch noch keine Antwort bekommen, was aber keineswegs negativ aufgefasst werden sollte!
    Aber bezüglich dieses Guides wollte ich halt nochmal fragen, da ich so etwas genau suche! Ich bin es Leid ständig so langsam zu lvln, habe schon zwei 70er und möchte mir noch einen hochziehen.
    Ich bedanke mich zutiefst im Vorraus,
  • Merci beaucoup für die fixe Antwort, den super Up und natürlich auch den Link ;)

    Download war zu fix für nen speedy, aber der Inhalt ist klasse! Dat gibt 5 Sternchen *****

    Und nochmals danke! :danke:
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