Kann mir das mal einer übersetzen?

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  • toxicbrain schrieb:

    Hi kann mir da mal einer Helfen?

    Jeah! Babel Fish ist dein Freund. Die Sprache ist BTW Portugiesisch...

    toxicbrain schrieb:

    Babel Fish-Übersetzung schrieb:

    Dreamscene in the XP Sea 11th, 2007 by to deadlstar In this tutorial one, I will go to teach as to install the DreamScene in Windows XP, or better, we do not go to install DreamScene and yes one programinha with the same functions, but that it consumes only 10MB of RAM. This tip also valley for all the versions of the Sight and for the Windows 98, 2000 and 2003. Pra who does not know, the DreamScene this available one only in the Ultimate Sight. It allows to place videos as to wallapaper in desktop. First he lowers the VLC measured to player. After to install, opens the VLC and goes in the border Preferences Configurations, or simplismente Ctrl+S presses. 1.jpg Already in the preferences, it marks the petty cash "Advanced Options", that it is located in it I sing inferior right. 02.png In the lateral bar, it selects the category "Video" and marks the option "Exit of video ` Overlay '". 2.jpg Click in "" to the side of the category "the Video" and selects the sub-category "Modules of Exit". In the option "Module of video exit", selects "Exit of DirectX video". 3.jpg Now, click in "" to the side of the category "the Modules of exit" and selects the sub-category "DirectX". It selects the option "Enable to wallpaper mode". 4.jpg Soon. Now it is alone to open a video (Ctrl+O) and to place pra to touch. It will appear as plain of deep, in the Desktop. But still we can give one improved, some basic adjustments to be faithful to the DreamScene. Category goes á "List of following reproduction" and marks itens, in accordance with the image: 5.jpg To finish, it goes in the category "Inteface" and sails until the sub-category "Skins", clicando in "" to the side of each item. Now, it marks the option "Systray icon" and incapacitates the option "Show VLC on the to taskbar". 6.jpg Soon. Its "DreamScene" is ready to be usado.Caso vc is using the sight, of passed in the site of the Stardock a Corporation. It launched the DeskScapes, one add-on for the DreamScene. It makes possible the use of videos in the format "dream", that he consumes little memory of the computer without losing no quality. He is this there. In briefing plus some guardianships. : -) Posted in Dreamscene in the XP, Tips for 17 Windows XP

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