CoverSutra 1.1.4

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  • CoverSutra 1.1.4

    Hier gibt es das kleine Helferprogramm CoverSutra in einer Extra- Version ohne Registrierung!

    CoverSutra sports a variety of methods that let you easily control iTunes.
    See what's currently playing or enjoy your album artwork. CoverSutra is
    never in your way but always by your side.

    Global Shortcuts - Quickly control iTunes from anywhere. Play, pause,
    rate, show, skip, rewind, fast forward .. whatever! CoverSutra gives you
    total control over your music with customizable keyboard shortcuts.

    Information Bezel - CoverSutra alerts you of any song change, so you
    always know what's playing. Bezels also works nicely with Shortcuts and
    your Apple Remote: You'll get Feedback for every single action.

    Instant Player Controls - Playback position, album artwork, song details:
    See all important informations in a single floating window.

    Jewel Case - For those who like their artwork on the desktop. At wish
    CoveSutra puts a little CD jewel case displaying the artwork of the
    currently playing song right on your desktop. integration - Join the social music revolution. CoverSutra
    integrates smoothly with the service. Songs you listen on your
    mac will be automatically scrobbled.

    Kleiner Screenshot:

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