Stargate SG-1 (fortsetzung nach season 10)

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  • Stargate SG-1 (fortsetzung nach season 10)


    hab nun mal im inet rumgestöbert und sie da, für die, die es noch nicht wissen, hier ein kleiner bericht.

    The stated goal of the Save Stargate SG1 campaign was "Supporting MGM in securing the future of Stargate SG-1, be that an 11th season, movies or miniseries, via TV, direct to DVD, ground breaking online distribution or download service."

    The hope of the campaign was to secure at very least a proper ending to Stargate SG1, denied it by the speed of the cancellation by SCI FI Channel. The announcement of two movies at least offered closure to the huge Ori storyline. But it wasn't enough for fans, who wanted our SG1 team to have a future.

    Now the final word is in from MGM: there IS a future for Stargate SG1.

    The studio is committed to producing an ongoing series of movies - as long as we, the fans, support those movies. With all the regular cast members on board and Richard Dean Anderson back as Jack O'Neill, production is already underway. DVD sales for the first two movies will be CRITICAL to ensure MGM can afford to commit to the third and fourth, the fifth and sixth movies, and more.

    Some disappointment is natural: the ideal was always to secure an 11th season if at all possible. We've worked hard for that goal, explored every avenue and option. But SCI FI Channel, overseas broadcasters and now MGM itself have all spoken on this. In a pragmatic campaign, always grounded in reality, always telling it to you straight, we have to admit that Season 11 is officially off the table.

    SG1 will continue in the form of a DVD movie series. Atlantis and the planned third series are the future of Stargate on television.

    SG1 will continue. It has its own future. The dedication and passion of the international community of fans have made it impossible for MGM not to hear us, not to make that commitment to continuing the story of the SG1 team through the series of movies.

    We have spoken and we have been heard; now our actions will speak louder than all our words. We'll celebrate our team and lay a strong foundation for the movie series by watching the new Season 10 episodes LIVE on SCI FI Channel 8pm Fridays, spreading word to all the Stargate fans in our communities to watch LIVE with us, and buying the DVD releases or iTunes downloads, but we must, MUST support the DVD movies.

    They are the future of Stargate SG1.

    die wichtigsten punkte:

    - richard dead anderson aka jack o`neill spielt wieder nach der season 10 mit (nicht nur als gast)
    - sg1 lebt weiter, zwar "nur" als eine art film-reihe, aber is super. hat halt seine eigene zukunft.
    - im tv wird stargate atlantis fortgesetzt und eine dritte serie wird kommen

    das wichtigste ist allerdings, umso mehr gekauft/geguckt wird, was mgm usw von sg1 bringt, umso wahrscheinlicher ist es, das stargate sg1 immer weiter fortgesetzt wird. sprich, immer mehr filme kommen als fortsetzung. d.h. kaufen, kaufen und schauen :D

    dürfte für die fans kein thema sein :)

    ich find es super, wie die das machen und auch geschafft haben. feue mich auf die 10 season auf deutsch nochmal zu sehen und natürlich auf die 2 filme. desweiteren noch auf das mmorgp von stargate :D

    was meint ihr dazu?


    //edit: quelle: h**p://w*w.savestargatesg1.c*m/
    Nein, ich bin nicht die Signatur...Ich putz` hier nur... -.-