BREAKING NEWS: Firmware 1.00 - 3.50 Exploit

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Firmware 1.00 - 3.50 Exploit

    Und wieder mal ist es soweit, die aktuelle Sony Firmware wurde gehackt, wie schon so oft ist das Team Noobz dafür verantwortlich. Diesmal wurde ein Sicherheitsloch im Klassiker "Lumines" ausgenutzt welches User Mode Zugriff auf jeder Firmware bis Version 3.50 ermöglicht! Und da dieses Exploit ganz neu ist sind auch noch keine gepatchten Kopien von Lumines im Umlauf.

    Im Moment ist es "nur" ein Proof-of-Concept und zeigt das obere Bild an. Aber in naher Zukunft könnte vielleicht schon ein Downgrade möglich sein. Sobald es Neues gibt, werden wir berichten! Ein Video des Exploits in Aktion könnt ihr hier sehen.
    If this isn't some of the biggest news in PSP development history, then we don't know what is! Team Noobz in conjunction with Archaemic present the first ever ALL FIRMWARE EXPLOIT for the PSP. It is based upon the Lumines UMD game, and is a user mode exploit using a buffer overflow in the savedata file in similar fashion to the GTA exploit. So long as you have a legal UMD copy of Lumines, then you can run homebrew on ANY firmware version - even v3.50! Only the hello world demo has been released thus far, but in the future a HEN and downgrader shall be released!!!
    Following research in conjunction with Archaemic, Noobz are proud to present the first ever all-firmware exploit for the PSP. Based on Lumines, the "Illuminati" exploit is a user-mode exploit using a buffer overflow in the savedata file - similar to the GTA exploit.

    That's right - if you've got a legal UMD copy of Lumines, then you can run homebrew on your PSP - whatever the firmware version. That includes v3.50! Right now, the only homebrew is the Hello World demo released below - but in future we intend to release a HEN and downgrader.

    - Check that you have an EU or US version of Lumines (ULES00043 or ULUS10002). Currently we don't have a version for the Japanese version, but we're working on it, as soon as we get hold of a Japanese UMD.
    - Extract the contents of the 'MS_ROOT' folder from the ZIP file into the top-level of your memory stick. (HINT: If you wind up with an 'MS_ROOT' folder on the stick, you've done it wrong).
    - Start the game, and as soon as it gets to the 'Press START' screen, press START. If you wait until the demo has started, the exploit may not work.
    - The screen should go blank, and the exploit will start after a few moments. It doesn't do anything except look pretty at this stage - but feel free to enjoy the first homebrew on your v3.10 - v3.50 PSP

    FÜR ALLE : lumines ist ein Puzzle Spiel , da gibt es die I & II folge !!!