PDA Z2 Remote2PC

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  • PDA Z2 Remote2PC



    schon mal von Becks geposted!

    Wer es haben möchte eine PN mit PDA Remote | nick an mich.


    From author of PocketLAN. Dedicate design for mobile device fast
    remote control your PC securely. Multi-tasking resumable file transfer
    with wildcard. 360' rotation, smooth zoom.

    z2 Remote2PC on PocketGear.com

    Using the crack = No Encryption (i think) and no device access control blocks.
    Anyway, still usefull program if You don't want to buy it. Did a release
    because we think it's a very usefull somekind of VNC program to Your
    Windows based PDA. We don't know who is the origi releaser but it's checked
    and no any kind of malware in it.

    Unpack, install.

    PPC: Overwrite original .exe with cracked one. (in \Program Files\z2\Remote2PC Client)
    PC : Overwrite original files with cracked ones. (in C:\Program Files\z2 Remote2PC)

    Use the serial on both device: 123456

    THX ist Plicht