[WoW] Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide and Metamap Addon (plus instructions) - PDF

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  • [WoW] Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide and Metamap Addon (plus instructions) - PDF


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    Location: RS.com
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    Art: PDF + Pics + Metamap Addon (plus instructions)

    1. Alle dürfen leechen!
    2. PN mit dem Titel "WoW - Brian | Nick"
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    (Es handelt sich hier nur um den Allianz Guide von 1 - 70 auf Englisch!!!)
    The truth about World of Warcraft, as well as every other MMO on the market, is that the process to hit the end game level isn't as easy as you might hope but it is a lot faster and easier in WoW. They all start out very promising, allowing you to gain levels very fast, and then it just tapers off and becomes a long process of steep leveling curves. WoW itself doesn't participate in the steep curves to level.

    By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of XP required to reach the next level and how it exponentially jumps up a lot to reach the next level. It generally starts off allowing you to level very fast and then at a certain level the XP jumps up at a faster and faster rate until you're grinding for a week or more just for one level.

    This is where WoW takes the cake. Not only is the leveling curve extremely minimal by jumping up at nearly a small set amount of XP per level, but there are nearly endless quests for you to do from when you first start a character to when you hit 70. This in turn allows you to level faster than you could have in previous games and to have a lot more fun while you do it. That is something that no other MMO had to offer and it is what they're all trying to copy now, but with little success. The large amount of quests in World of Warcraft are also what make it possible to have such a revealing leveling guide unlike any other.

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