Crysis (CryEngine2) ***Sammelthread*** - Demo am 25.9

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  • Crysis (CryEngine2) ***Sammelthread*** - Demo am 25.9

    Crysis Demo kommt am 25 September . Quelle :
    Crysis Sector :: Crysis Cheats, Videos, Screenshots, News, Guides, Forums, and more...
    inCrysis Crysis Forums / SINGLE PLAYER DEMO ON SEPTEMBER 25TH!
    Hoffe ihr freut euch so wie ich !

    Hier ist die offizielle Pressemitteilung (in Englisch):
    PC gamers now have a reason to mark a big circle around September 25th on their calendars as the single player demo for Crysis will be lighting up rigs worldwide in just 30 days.

    Consisting of the entire first level in Crysis’ epic single player campaign, “Contact,” gamers will get to finally experience first-hand the stunning visuals, revolutionary Nanosuit gameplay and open-ended level design that make Crysis one of the most anticipated shooters and PC games of all time. The demo is also poised to include a huge surprise from Crytek, but for now you’ll just have to wait and check out the latest Crysis Nanosuit trailer by following the link below.

    Crysis is coming off award-winning showings at the German Games Convention, picking up Best PC Game of GC honors from the panel of experts judging the show and from E3, where it also won the Game Critics Awards Best PC Game of E3 2007. The countdown to Crysis ends on November 16, 2007

    +Laut Crytek wird in der Demo eine Überaschung eingebaut .Link zur
    Link zur Überaschung

    Crysis bei Demo News

    Finde es gut das die Demo ein Monat vor der Realese kommt dann kann man so weit aufrüsten das es auf High läuft .
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