Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.2 Update

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  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.2 Update

    Die Updates für Camera Raw 4.2 (Win|Mac) und Lightroom 1.2 (Win|Mac) stehen ab sofort auf der Adobe Webseite zur Verfügung.

    Die Neuerungen:

    Lightroom 1.2 includes corrections for the following issues:
    ● Lightroom 1.1 catalogs with user-specified sort order could not be imported into another catalog
    ● Lightroom 1.1 for Windows could at times display gray boxes instead of image thumbnails
    ● The preference to write XMP metadata automatically in Lightroom 1.1 could attempt to write metadata indefinitely for
    offline images causing significant performance problems
    ● Images could be dropped from the Quick Collection upon reordering of the source folder
    ● Catalogs could not be exported to drives smaller than 250MB
    ● The Web Module was not accessible in Lightroom 1.1 on the Macintosh platform when Lightroom was installed on
    case-sensitive volumes such as the Case Sensitive HFS+ (Journaled) volume
    ● Errors occurred exporting to a Linux SMB network volume
    ● Scroll position in the grid view was not maintained when changing the view option using the J shortcut key
    ● The tokens for image number and image count were not displaying properly in the Slideshow module
    ● The metadata panel could display incorrectly on Windows
    ● Slideshows on the Macintosh platform did not display properly when a 256MB ATI graphics card was connected to 30
    " LCD
    ● The Lightroom 1.1 Web module export did not position the copyright tag in the same location displayed in the preview
    ● The auto-eject functionality on Windows ejected the card reader device in addition to the card
    ● Noise reduction adjustment for all cameras with Bayer Pattern sensor: The base point noise reduction applied at the
    demosaic stage of raw processing has been reduced. The resulting effect is that images with zero luminance noise
    reduction applied in Lightroom 1.2 will contain more noise than the identical settings in Lightroom 1.1 but less noise
    than identical settings in Lightroom 1.0.
    ● 1:1 previews were not discarded according to the timing set in the Lightroom preferences
    ● 1:1 previews are not built for an entire set of images when requested after import

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