Presentation Media -Searchin Topic ?

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  • Presentation Media -Searchin Topic ?


    I am in the 12th grade , so I am forced to create a presentation (for english lesson !).

    So the available tasks are :

    A: same issue as reflected in diffrent media (contrasting)
    B: introduce a certain type of mediae.g. a newspaper, TV Channel .
    C: any other idea that meets this topic .


    -demanding topic to get a high number of credits (just talking about the history of a newspaper is not sufficent here)
    -10-15 min


    Unfortunately I have to know the topic tomorrow.

    So the task is realy inconcrete , so there is the danger of taking a false way .

    Do you think "TV Duties" or "Media in the third world" are adequate ?
  • Oh, no-one helped you :( It's too late now, but TV Duties doesn't make sense and it would have been better "How the Media represent the Thirld World" in showing how newspapers, TV and films represent it, especially now as there's been quite a few recent Hollywood films set in Africa. And German TV seems to have a lot of dramas set there these days as well.
  • schmecky5 schrieb:

    Unfortunately I have to know the topic tomorrow.

    The subject sounds really very interesting , unfortunately time is running too fast and it seems its a little bit too late for an answer right in time.
    So in this case maybe you could be so kind to set the präfix to closed !? ;) Maybe a mod might help you during the next days !?
    why So does it work ;)