CS CSS "JUMP-Map" bzw surf maps

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  • Naja prinzipiell recht einfach, wenn du auf eine Schräge kommst musst die die Seitenbewegungstaste "gegen" die Wand drücken... Also wenn du Links von der Rampe bist drückst du D um nicht runterzufallen.

    Das hier hat am Anfang recht gut geholfen:

    1)You may find out that you lose speed whilst on a map. To stop this happening, always point your cursor downwards so that gravity is acting, giving you more speed.
    2)NEVER press forward (W).
    3)To transfer onto another ramp successfully, keep the direction you were previously holding. If you came off from the right hand side of a ramp, keep on holding A until you go onto the next ramp and as you hit the map, press A or D (mattering on which side of the ramp you are on).
    4)Big jumps whilst surfing slow you down, so try to make your air-time as little as possible.