RapidShare 9in1

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  • RapidShare 9in1

    programm-sammlung für rapidshare und andere file-hoster.

    1. Rapid Uploader v1.2
    With RapidUploader all users of RapidShare are able to comfortably upload files to RapidShare. A lot of settings are available to ensure that everybody and anybody can handle the interface.

    2. RapidMagic v2.7
    What is Rapidmagic 2.7 ?
    It is a program that allows you to enter rapidshare links and get premium downloads for free, no wait.
    Constantly being updated and made sure it is working, rapidmagic is one of the only (if not the only) working rapidshare premium downloading programs that exists at this moment.

    What's new in v2.7 ?
    + Multiple link support
    + If theres an update, a popup will tell you saying you should update to the latest
    + New skin

    3. Rapid Up v1.34
    Upload to multiple File Servers. You can set premium/point collector accounts. Unlike Rapidshares Uploader, this tool can upload more then one file at a time (set this in hoster options). Keeps det**ls untill you delete them, so you don't loose your download/kill links. Another couple key features are "name scramble" which scrambles the file name (excluding extension). The other is "Anti-Blacklisting Mode" which will allow you to upload FORBIDDEN files to Rapidshare.COM without having to repack it!

    List of hosters supported:
    * depositfiles.com
    * megaupload.com
    * mooload.com
    * mytempdir.com
    * quicksharing.com
    * rapidupload.com
    * upload2.net
    * uploading.com
    * zshare.net
    * zupload.com
    * SendSpace.com
    * FForge.com
    * FileFront.com

    4. Rapid Hacker Final Build 2.0
    Platforms: Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, home/pro, Windows Vista

    New features
    - Change Resolution For better appearance, is it's designed under 1024x768 Display
    - Better Cookie Removal (Fixed some issues)
    - Restore (Now RapidHacker restores your Internet Configuration, back to its original configuration)
    - Changed GUI to darker appearance, instead of boring Gray.
    - Added some det**led information where specified/clicked around the program.

    5. Rapidown v5.9 SE
    Rapidown is a download accelerator that provides a faster download experience.

    The programs features includes a crash-recovery system that can continue from where your download stops. A new feature on the way is a download account that lets you control and keep record of your download activity. Full customization allows you to control every aspect of the software.

    6. RapidShare Link Checker
    this is rapidshare link checker to check whether the link is dead or not...
    just copy the URL into the "LINK.txt"
    then run the application, it will test it..
    very fast speed, very useful....

    7. Rapidshare Get Points v2.33
    What is RS-GetPoints?
    Its a little software codec in AutoIt which allow you to display your RapidShare Premium
    or Collectors account Info on a tiny window.

    Main Window:
    -speed [pts/hour].
    -How many points you collected this session [and time].
    -How many did you download last 5 days [for the 25gig limit].

    -Select your RS account Type [Collector or Premium]
    -Choose if you want to launch it on startup.
    -If you want to launch it minimized.
    -If you want to display a TrayTooltip which appear when you get points [how many] with which account, and total collected.
    -You need to fill your account infos to access to this program.

    Here you can access to your collected Points per day history.
    It obviously needs to be active on that day to know how many points did you collected.

    Changelog: 2.3.3 [Bug Fixed]
    - Added a button in the AutoUpdate window, thanks to use it!

    8. USDownloader SK v2.8
    - USDownloader:
    - The Actual Downloader, this program supports automated downloading from over 50 share
    sites such as: RapidShare.com | RapidShare.de | MegaUpload.com | Megarotic.com | FileHo.com
    and many many more !!!

    9. Rapid Folder Link Grabber v3
    Want to download all the links from within a rapidshare folder????then here is your application
    This software lets you download all the links inside a rapidshare folder with one click

    Note: This software requires .Net framework which is already found in the package.


    grösse: 42,40mb
    anzahl der dateien: 1
    md5: 6acf3a1f32327c458ec366f1adfd3f46
    komprimierungs-tool: 7-zip
    verschlüsselt: nein
    sprache: engl.


    1., voraussetzung für pn: mindestens fünf beiträge (bei besonders netten pn mache ich natürlich eine ausnahme).
    2., eine nette pn an mich, mit "rapidshare 9in1 | euer user-name" im titel.
    den link von diesem thema in der pn angeben.
    3., nach erhalt des download-links hier bedanken (und wenn ihr zufrieden seid, mit sternen bewerten).
    link nicht weitergeben.


    p.s.: eine bitte an alle uploader: es wäre nett, wenn ihr eure uploads nicht künstlich in mehr teile teilt, als notwendig. wenn ein file-hoster 100mb pro file erlaubt, dann kann man wohl erwarten, dass ein programm, das 100mb gross ist, nicht in fünf teilen heruntergeladen werden muss (und auch nicht in zwei teilen), sondern logischerweise in nur einem teil.
  • vielen dank für die superschnelle linkvergabe.
    momentan ist mit rapid-magic nix anzufangen, warte aber schon auf den "diettrich zum keuschheitsgürtel ".

    status: fertig
    speed: 309 kb/sec
    bewertung: hervorragend


    [COLOR="Navy"]Es ist nicht wenig Zeit, die wir zur Verfügung haben, sondern es ist viel Zeit, die wir nicht nutzen.[FONT="Arial Black"][/FONT][/color]

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca