[Exclusive] VMS Protection V1.0 S60V3 Symbian OS9.1

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  • [Exclusive] VMS Protection V1.0 S60V3 Symbian OS9.1

    VMS protection - The ultimate mobile security

    Protect your mobile from Theft and secure your content.
    VMS can hide your sms,contacts,images,videos etc.Intimates the change
    in sim card with location,lets you spy on the Thief's it also sends
    report of the thief activities like CALLS & SMS sent & received and
    contacts added or edited. Retrieve all your contacts etc.

    Note:- Without unlock u can use most of the features. Only sms features are locked.

    Size: 198.11 KB

    NOKIA : E51,N95,N81,6121,6120,5700,N77,E90,E61i,E65,6110 Navigator,93i,N76,6290,N75,N95,E62,E50,5500,N73,N9 3,N92,N71,N80,E70,E61,E60,3250,N91 SAMSUNG : SGH-i560,SGH-i550,SGH-i450,SGH-i400,SGH-i520. LG: KS10
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