5 gute Free-Webhoster

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  • 5 gute Free-Webhoster

    Hey ho!

    Ich habe das Wirrwarr Internet nach guten Free-Webhostern durchsucht^^


    1. www.kilu.de

    1GB - Speicher
    Subdomain benutzername.kilu.de
    Kein Filesize Limit
    Hohe Verfügbarkeit
    Bis zu 5 Datenbanken
    Ausführliche Zugriffs-Statistiken
    Domains aufschaltbar
    Unbegrenzt Subdomains inklusive ( *.username.kilu.de )

    Mehrer Accounts erlaubt ( steht im Faq! )

    Nachteil: Fällt manchmal aus :(


    2. www.1gb.in

    * 1000 MB Free web space(by request)
    * 100000MB Monthly Bandwidth data transfer(by request)
    * Web script support HTML, PHP, Java and more... PHP5 with GD library and Zend Optimizer
    * MySQL 5 support - free 3 database per account

    * Full FTP Access - free FTP account for transfer your files
    * Advanced Control Panel - tools for manage account and files manager
    * Site Statistic - display statistic of Disk Space, Traffic Usage, Stats
    * Free Subdomain - yourname.1gb.in or parking Domain
    * MySQL Database Manager - full phpMyAdmin support

    Habe ich noch nicht getestet ... das Angebot scheint aber gut zu sein!


    3. www.Xail.net

    Beschreibung: Xail.net - Hosting for Everybody - Unlimed Webspace und Traffic

    Scheint auch gut zu sein ... unlimited Size Limit, unlimitied Speicher ( am anfang 2 GB , später mehr durch Admins erreichbar! )



    Scheint sehr guter Hoster zu sein ...

    Unbegrenzter Speicher + Traffic und kein Filesizelimit!

    Genaue Beschreibung: Frequently Asked Questions | XM.COM



    FREE 850MB Web Space !!!!
    # Hosted On Super Fast Servers
    # No File Size Limits!
    # Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth)
    # Easy To Use File Manager
    # Powerful Online WYSIWYG + HTML Editor
    # Upload Multiple Files
    # Supports HTML and JavaScript

    Bin jetzt dann gerade am antesten!


    Ich hoffe ich konnte jemanden weiterhelfen!


  • Wichtig wegen xm.com!!


    Due to the increased attempts to abuse our services, we have now implemented new automated measures that will prevent such activity from occurring. We closely monitor ALL activity. If we do detect any illegal or unusual activity on your account we will take the appropriate action.
    We do daily watch all pictures they have been uploaded
    Our system making thumbnails from all pictures you upload to our system via ftp, administration-panel etc and we look them every 6 hours with our crew and lock all accounts they have illegal material. The quantity does not matter. Even one illegal material is matter of violation of our terms. Better save your own time and do not go with us if you intend to publish illegal material here.
    We do save the logs
    We never throw away logs or files. Once you violate our terms we lock your account and you will not be able to delete any files from our system. Our system will automatically index them and save inclusive all track information you left in our system. For example we log every login, ftp, web to special database and keep track of them. We do not only log your IP Address. We log your browser capabilities, java script version, screen resolution, color depth, all proxy information you use. Even if you mistype a password we do log this.
    What is illegal material?
    Everything which violates our Terms and Conditions. Especially Adult, Warez and all kind of copyrighted stuff.
    We do cooperate with Investigators

    We save all our logs and we are ready to work with investigators. If you are investigator and investigating an issue please contact us to get all required information you need to support. We do cooperate with you because we dont want to be misused.
    What you can do, to help us
    Webmasters they misuse our system lead to problems on hosting provider and they will also hit you sooner or later. For this reason help us to sort out all illegal stuff. If you see something which does not fit to our terms and conditions please contact us. Even we may have not seen some case and appreciate your help.

    Also aufpassen jungx alles wird geloggt sogar der Content!