SignMe! Beta - Automatik signing Software

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  • SignMe! Beta - Automatik signing Software

    I don't know if this is the right thread for this app, but it sure is helpful! Sign your applications automatically!

    SignMe! is a small piece of software designed to make the whole sis files signing process a bit easier.
    Simply right-click on any .sis file, chose "SignMe!" and that's it.

    (To make things clear - you'll still need to sign up at SymbianSigned in order to have both .cer and .key files.
    You'll be prompt for them and the certificate password the first time you'll run the application.)

    aber du benötigst folgende Files um es nutzen zu können.
    1. *.cer
    2. *.key
    3. Passwort


    §-Nette PN an mich mit Betreff "SignME"
    §-Danke im Thread
    §-Wenn Link DOWN ist bitte nur mit PN.
    §-Wenn Sie Probleme mit Soft&Prog..haben bitte nur PN,nicht im Beitrag.