RotatMe 2.0 Beta4

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  • RotatMe 2.0 Beta4


    - Auto-rotation of the screen ( in portrait (0°) and landscape (90°) )

    - NEW: A hotkey to activate/deactivate auto-rotation: Press pen + camera

    - To reduce the battery consumption, auto-rotation is deactivated:
    * After a delay of inactivity defined in the settings
    * During a phone call (New in this beta: Also during dialing)
    * When the keypad is locked

    - NEW: A user interface

    - NEW: Settings:
    * Sensitivity: Better than words, look at this schema:
    * Reactivity:
    30 (high): The screen will rotate as soon as the phone is in landscape /
    portrait postion (according to the sensitivity range)
    0 (low): You have to keep the phone rotated for a while
    Low reactivity prevents unwanted rotation when the phone is shaked
    * Auto Start: Auto launch rotateMe at phone boot
    * Inactivity Delay: After this inactivity delay, auto-rotation will be
    stopped. Press a key to reactivate auto-rotation
    * Priority: High priority allow a better reactivity when big apps are
    * System App. : When activated, prevent rotateMe to be closed by the OS in
    low RAM conditions,
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