RotatMe 2.0 Beta5

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  • RotatMe 2.0 Beta5

    rotateMe is a freeware application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to switch your phone screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

    Instructions Don't forget to install N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis
    To rotate the screen, keep this application opened and rotate the phone.
    You can disable the rotation by pressing simultaneously Pen and Camera keys.
    To close rotateMe go to Options -> Exit.


    * Sensitivity:More sensitivity is set to a high value, more the display will rotate with a minor needing of rotation of the phone.
    * Reactivity: More this setting is low and more you have to keep your phone in landscape/portrait position to rotate the screen.
    * Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch rotateMe automatically at the phone boot.
    *Inactivity Delay: After this delay of inactivity, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key, or unlock the keypad, to reactivate auto-rotation.
    * Priority: High priority allows a better reactivity when big apps are launched.
    * System App.: When activated, this setting prevents rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
    * Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide rotateMe from the tasks list.

    Note: If you enable "Hidden App." or "System App." you will not be able to close rotateMe from tasks list.


    §-Nette PN an mich mit Betreff "RMbeta5"
    §-Danke im Thread
    §-Wenn Link DOWN, dann ist er down.
    §-Ich biete kein Support für die Software.