Referat about my Dog

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  • Referat about my Dog

    ich muss nächste woche ein Referat über meinen Hund halten.
    Wie findet ihr das wo ich schon habe?
    Fällt euch noch was ein wo ich schreiben könnte?
    Muss ja nicht echt sein.
    Denn 3 minuten sind das glaub ich noch nicht

    Siehe unten
  • Hab deinen Text mal ein bisschen umgewandelt :)

    Today I'm going to talk about my poodle NAME.
    He's XXX years old and he's black.
    My sister bought him XXX years ago for XXX euro
    NAME is housetrained, so he doesn't use the house as his toilet (*g*)
    I usually go out with him twice a day for about 15 minutes, and he is always happy then.
    The only thing he eats is his dog food, and the only thing he drinks is water.
    NAME always has some food in his plate and gets fresh water twice a day, and sometimes we give him a sandwhich as well.
    He usually sleeps from about 10pm to 8am and he is always glad and barks when someone enter the house.
    The only time NAME was ill was when he broke his leg, because he fell from a staircase.
    The operation at a pet doctor cost about YYY euro and NAME needed about 2 weeks until he could walk properly again

    Here are 2 Pictures of NAME(Give picture).

    Mfg Baggo
  • Hi,
    na ob das ihm weiterhilft? Jetzt sind es ja nur noch ca. 25 Sec.:
    Good morning:
    I´m a poodle! Let me tell you the Story about my life!
    First I wasn´t sure if I would survive, because my 4 brothers and 2 sisters
    where hungry like hell.
    It was a taff fight getting something to drink and my mom wasn´t really
    helpfull at all.
    But after I made all this, I found a place to live at!
    Such a funny nice guy calling himself Melan and calling me from that on xxx
    I know his taste in this case is a little bit strange, but I got used to this name. To proove how glad I am to be next to him, I wave with my tail and jump arround like crazy, that makes him laugh and happy!
    Being like this is basicly all, what´s neccesary, to make him giving me food and fresh water 3 times a day, what sounds good to me.
    Ok, mostly I have to go outside for my P and other business, but as long it is not raining its fine to me. This is called being housetrained, but I´m wondering, what this might have to do with training, I do know, what he exspect me to do, but if there is no time left to make him, to go for a walk with me, I havn´t got a chance to find a better place to make my P. Thats
    inside, like he does it.
    If it wouldn´t hurt so much, I would prefer to brake one of my legs once for a
    while, like I did by falling down the staircase, the Period after that accident was a great time.
    I got thousand of huggs a day, sweeties and I was alloud to stay next to him in the bedroom. But being hurt happened only once in my life and thinking about the costs for the vet and medicine makes me feel depressed, it was something about 600 bones. I mean bones, real nice once, big once, tasty once, japp, jappppp god, I would like one of those right now!
    Take care
  • Ähm, kurze Zwischenfrage. In welche Klasse geht denn der Threadersteller? Vom Ausgangstext zu urteilen, würde ich schätzen Englischanfänger, maximal 6. Klasse. Jetzt nichts gegen eure ausformulierten Texte, @Baggo und @Cowboy, aber wenn hier vom Threadersteller Englischtexte übernommen werden, die auf 10. Klasse und höher schließen lassen, dann wirkt's doch leicht unglaubwürdig beim Lehrer ;)

    Meiner Meinung nach sollte das mal zuerst geklärt werden ;)

    Melan schrieb:

    ich muß nächste woche ein Referat über meinen Hund halten.

    Interessante Schule, die über die Feiertage geöffnet hat :D