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  • Samsung Ultimate Software


    Agere Platform
    C120, C128, C200, C207, C208, C210, C216, C218, C225, C230, C238, D100, D108, D307, D347, D357, D407, D410, D415, D418, D428, D450, D520, D520, D550, D720, D730, D800, E105, E300, E310, E310C, E316, E317, E318, E320, E418, E530, E600, E608, E610, E618, E620, E628, E710, E718, E720, E728, E750, E770, E810, E818, E850, E860V, E865, E880, E888, E910, i300, i505, i700, N707, N710, P100, P107, P108, P207, P300, P400, P705, P710, P720, P730, P735, P738, P777, P900, Q100, Q200, Q300, Q400, Q600, S100, S108, S200, S208, S300, S308, S300M, S341i, S342i, S400i, S410i, S500i, T609, T719, V200, V200c, V205, V208, X105, X120, X138, X140, X150, X200, X208, X300, X400, X408, X426, X427, X426M, X427M, X430, X438, X450, X466, X475, X478, X480, X486, X488, X507, X610, X630, X636, X660, X668, X710, X800, X808, X810, X900 (133 Models)

    QualComm Platform
    V804, Z105, Z105T, Z105U, Z107, Z107M, Z107V, Z110, Z130, Z130X, Z140, Z140V, Z150, Z300, Z300M, Z310, Z500, Z500V, Z540, ZM60, ZV10, ZV30, ZX10 (22 Models)

    Swift Platform
    D500, D508, D510, D600, D608, E217, E340, E348, E350, E358, E360, E368, E760, E768, E640, E648, E730, E738, E750, E758, i750, P850, P858, T309, T809, X700 (25 Models)

    Sysol Platform
    E800, E330, D488, E630, X640, X497, X667


    §-Nette PN an mich mit Betreff "SUS"
    §-Danke im Thread
    §-Wenn Link DOWN, dann ist er down.
    §-Ich biete kein Support für die Software.